Exposed Ceiling

In our building we currently have white tiles. I do not like the way these look. I like exposed ceilings. The insulation is between the roof and the tiles which does not allow us to have exposed ceilings. I have seen in some buildings a cover they put over the ceiling that holds the insulation but still looks like a exposed ceiling. Is anyone familiar with this? Has anyone done anything like this?

Good thing I was a contractor:-)

You are talking a WHOLE lot of stuff in that little post…

Firstly, you need to talk to a code person. Every city, county, brothers sisters uncle Fred, has rules about exposure, fire rating etc. The rules for exposed ceiling are for prep areas and what not but not for seating areas.

If the insulation is loose (hung between the rafters by staples, tie wire or string, or with insulation hangers) you can’t expose the ceiling without encapsulating it in sheeting of some kind. That is completely related to what code issues you have to deal with locally.

Some codes allow for the original stuff to come out and a spray foam application to be installed, painted and what not but that is still an ugly exposure for an open ceiling.

FYI… when a building is built that is spec’d for an exposed ceiling they do the insulation ON the roof surface, above the rafters topped off by the roofing, and usually rock top surfacing. You are probably going to find it difficult to get the exposed rafter look without actually having the mentioned roofing installed which is VERY expensive.

Just a construction primer:-)_


Another thing you can look into is raising the drop ceiling and painting it black. It completely takes attention away from the ceiling and draws the customer’s eyes towards the decor on your walls. Go into a few nicer restaurants and you’ll probably find this concept put to use.


I saw the black tile thing somewhere just recently. They painted the metal gridwork some bright color to match the decor and the panels just dissapeared with their lighting… Kinda cool

Colley Reed

Thanks, I didnt know how much it would entail, or how much money. That idea is out of consideration.

The ceiling is already high. 12 to 14 feet. I think painting it black is the way I will go.

Let me know if anyone has done anything interesting with the tiles

we used the 2x2 pressed tin tiles instead of the regular stuff and it looks great…not cheap, but it went well with our decor

There is also an option - if code allows - to remove a dropped ceiling, and then add insulation by having it held up against the inside of the roof inside something like a sheet. That all gets painted black.
So you have some insulation, but you also have exposed beams and such - an interesting, sort of industrial look. Again - you’ll see this in lots of places lately - looks like theres a sort of pad between rafters…