Extra Equipment????

Ok guys it has been 2 months since I closed and the bug is starting to get to me so I am gonna do it again OMG!!!

If you know my situation you know the old landlord changed teh locks and seized all my equipment for money I owed her from a loan she had made me last year

She has since leased all the equipment to someone else and he is operating

I really want to setup something like the PIZZA BARN (don’t know if he is still out there) but start out with a sooda/sno cone/coffee/snack drive thru and move back into pizza delco and the overhead down, down, down

so i am looking for equipment if you have any that you need to get rid of and dont want an arm and a leg(because i am gonna need all 4 to stand and make pizzas for 12hrs a day haha) please email me at dennismcquinn@yahoo.com

this is gonna be a 4-5 month plan so if you come across something let me know

The Fat Boy is Back (I Hope)
God Bless our Marines

Good to see you trying to get things going again. Best of luck to you Dennis. :!: