extra pizza seller

my name is Anthony Culebra from San Antonio Tx . i have been in the business of selling pizzas for over four years. i started off selling medium one topping pizza’s for only five bucks. i would go out on my mountain bike with five pizza’s at a time, and sell these pie’s in less than thirty minutes business to business or to passers by. a novel idea at the time or at least i thought. i was paying three dollars for each pizza. later on that year i got a car and hired some guys and started selling one hundred pies a day. another pizzeria heard about what i was doing and offered me large pies at the same price with a bonus pie for every tenth pie i took out the store. since then i have worked with several other pizzerias and help them go on to bigger and better things through my direct sales techniques and guerilla marketing tactics. the question i present to good people is "are there any other pizzerias selling extras in this manner?’’ and if so “what are they charging and providing their extra sellers like hot bags gas allowance or vehicles?” thank you for your time

I have never heard of that and I know around me nobody would be buying pizzas off a guy on a bike…maybe its a Texas thang

thank you for your submisssion how ever i have personally seen this type of operation in Mobile Alabama and this is what leads me to believe that this may possibly take place in other parts of the country. here in texas we also have the tamale guy to compete with as well as the hot wing guy and the taco lady so it is not so far fetched of an idea

One of our stores sells 150 pies in front of the bars every Friday and Saturday nights and a little less on Thursday nights between 1 and 2 AM. They have a few people who spend this hour dedicated to selling these plus they send drivers who are waiting for runs out with three or six at a time. I don’t know what they sell them to the employees for or what the employees sell them for, but some of the employees make $50-$70 in this hour. Sometimes they don’t even get 50 feet away from the front door before selling out six pies. As a bonus, it keeps many of the drunk carryout customers out of the store during one of the bussiest times of the day.

thank you paul for you submission now i know texas and alabama are not the only two states in the free world cashing in on the extra pizza sales cow but i still have questions if texas alabama and florida are selling extras why not new your chicago and los angeles?

If somebody is buying pizzas from me and then reselling them where ever they want and for whatever price they want, they have an independent business. I wouldn’t reimburse them for gas or provide hotbags or vehicles. That’s an expense for their business, not mine.

Another consideration is that if you’re buying the pizzas and then reselling them, you’re responsible for collecting and paying sales tax.

Why aren’t other places doing this? Speaking only for me, I could pay somebody $7.00 per hour to go out and do the exact same thing (if that’s what I wanted to do.)

thank you piper for your in sight and thoughtful response and yes you are correct that would be a seperate business, i do have an independent business. i pay my own taxes, pay my own gas, provide my salespeople whith hot bags, i register my vehicles with the city, i also promote this particular pizzeria, so when you say “That’s an expense for their business, not mine.” i can’t help but disagree with that statement only because i do go out of my way to insure the end consumer knows exactly where these pies come from. please keep in mind i am also running a crew of four to eight individuals at any given moment. seven dollars an hour times four persons times eight to fourteen hours a day that could cut into ones profit margin pretty quick. not to mention the other expenses that could cost such as breakfast lunch and dinner

“Why aren’t other places doing this?”

that’s a great questions piper why aren’t other pizzerias i have yet to recieve a confirmation out of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, are the pizzerias in the north making so much money from deliveries and pick up orders that they don’t see the need for an out side sales force or direct marketing company, or may they are to busy selling extras making the money for themselves to have time to post a response on this very resourseful web log.

with that in mind what about training a sales force to promptly sell extras who has time for that?

This is exactly what I want to do. I’ve been hesitant to do it because the nearest popular bar area is quite far from me.

there’s probably 15 packed bars within three blocks of this store. 1000’s of people all leaving at the same time, drunk and hungry!