Extra space

I need a little help…I’m in a college town and was planning on opening a delco,estimating needing a space of about 1200 to 1400 sq. ft…my real estate broker located a place that is 1800 sq. ft at $1600 a month,that used to be a restaurant,sounds like a deal,but what do I do with the extra space?

If the location is great for you, and the price is right for you, Then I would say put in some tables and chairs. Put in a soda fountain and get a license to sell beer and you could do really well with dine in sales. This way you could even do slice sales during lunch time for the college students. Good luck!

David McGuire

Could you use the extra space to sell logo gear from the college?..That is if you are able to buy it wholesale…Different colleges have different procedures…RCS…

I am fast outgrowing my 1200 feet and have a chance to lease another 1200 in the unit next door. My 1200 feet was perfect for me for the sales I was doing at the time, but am having a really hard time with dealing with increasing sales in a tight space. I am leary of the $1600 extra/month, but would love to have an owners office as well as a managers office. Basically, if the price is right, don’t worry about too much space as it can always be used even if you don’t want tables. Too much storage is not a bad thing if you are not paying for it. Use the space to set up offices, or storage, or just have it for future growth when you need it.