Eyebrow hood for mm360

was wondering if anyone has an eyebrow venthood on their MM360 if so could you send me some pics need to have one built for our oven



Found on eBay…

Item # 300788503181

Looks good for $1,250


Hi Dennis.

If you are using a double stack MM 360 the end section of the hood shown on E Bay does not appear to extend low enough . The bottom edge of the capturing section should be no more than 30 inches from the lower oven conveyor belt.

It appears also that the access panels on the ends of the upper oven will be inaccessible using that hood.

You should be concerned as to how many CFM will be required to ventilate that hood. If you do not have an existing Make up air system that hood will require one.

Make up air units are expensive to buy and very expensive to run.

Several years ago we ceased to use that type hood that requires 1500 or more CFM and needs make up air. WE now use a hood that only extracts 800 CFM of air from the building and does not require a make up air system if the shop has at least 6 ton of A/C.

George Millls

Hi Dennis:

Sorry forgot to mention that the hood you are contemplating does not remove heat from the top fron or back of the oven where as a hood that covers the entire oven does.

You will have 2700 lb of hot iron sitting in your kitchen if you have a double stack unit.

George Mills