Eyebrow Hood vs others...

What is the benefit/difference in using a eyebrow hood over a MM 360?

I used one over a CTX years ago, as it came with the unit, but am curious, as I might need another hood system for another project…

Might it also be code related?

Hi Patriot:

The changes in the ventilation codes over the last few years have made th eye brow hood much less desirable. When we could exhaust 1500 cfm of air from a building without any make up air we placed hundreds of ovens using that type of hood.

Now all exhausted air must be replaced. The cost of the make up air units now needed and the cost of operating said MUA units in most instances preclude the use of that type of hood in most pizzerias.

We now use a hood system that is more efficient, captures heat and fumes better than the eye brow hood, costs no more than the eye brow model and a make up air system, and saves a few thousand dollars per year in operating cost.

The design of the ventilation system is of the utmost importance. A cheep Installation can cost more to operate in to or three years than the entire cost of a top grade system. And those additional costs go on for as long as the cheaper system is in operation.

George Mills