Eyes burn / watering from older gas (propane) lincoln 1000 modified

We are using old 1984 lincolns modified with newer honeywell gas valve and omron digital temp controller, First the irony is that we have used this oven after modifying the gas burner parts for 7 years and never had an issue with the eyes burning (due to unburned propane), last year we replaced the conveyor drive motor and since then we cannot run it for more than 2 hrs because staff gets eyes burning…

We’ve adjusted the gas valve mixture, air intake on flame blower motor and done all the tricks we can think of, anyone has another angle or suggestion on this, when main burner flame is on it is blue and looks normal, our pilot flame is a little yellow but it has always (5+ yrs) been like that, ??

Check your exhaust hood? Since it started with replacement of that part, I’d look into that.

Given the circumstances, I wouldn’t use it until you can get it looked at.

Could be a gas leak some where other than in the burner system.
Get it checked out ASAP

George Mills

check both of your fans --main rear fan and the one inside the control box. when we had problems with these a strong gas smell was noticeable. . . .also what they said above, it is nothing to mess around with.