F*** deck ovens, I just bought my self a middleby ps200


Hi Jokergerm;

When you get the oven adjusted properly you will solve all your deck oven problems.

The price was fair in my estimation. I hope the oven is in good condition.

George Mills

What type of deck ovens are you replacing? I might be interested in buying them from you.

The PS200’s are a great oven. They originally were designed from the original Lincoln 1000’s. Middleby Marshall was losing a huge market share to Lincoln in Europe. So one day Middleby Marshall ordered a Lincoln 1000 for “John’s Pizzeria” in Elgin, IL. This started the war between MM and Lincoln. The differences between Lincoln and MM version is: remote fan drive, instead of direct drive, swingable service door, and a more dependable fan blade compared to the garbage fan blade that Lincoln still uses.

If you need parts or technical assistance please reply. We stock alot of the parts for these ovens, especially since they have been discontinued for a while; Replaced by PS540.

yea i need the gas to propane conversion kit

do you have one?

Now you just have to watch out for pizzas rolling off the end of the oven :slight_smile:

You could of bought a used fasttimer for alot less money. :smiley:

Fast break says:

Now you just have to watch out for pizzas rolling off the end of the oven.

GM: Conveyor ovens are equipped with a stop so that does not happen.

George Mills

Conveyor ovens are equipped with a stop so that does not happen

Please don’t put these stops on your oven! It just allows people to be lazy and let pizzas sit at the end of the oven and get cold. I don’t have any more than 2 pizzas fall off the end in a six month period, but I am certain that if I put the stops on the end of the oven, nearly everyday there would be pizzas sitting on the end of the oven till a driver came in to cut them. I’ve seen this at nearly every place I’ve worked. Don’t think it won’t happen at yours!

I dont think the pizza of the month understand the idea of consistency, and not having to watch the oven and spin pizzas every 3 minutes

Hmm… I guess mine were missing when I bought the ovens.

Fast break states.
Hmm… I guess mine were missing when I bought the ovens.
Gm: your local service company can get one for you.
George Mills

I had exactly the same attitude when I opened - the guy helping me opened told me - ‘you don’t want to have baby rails on your oven’ and took them off.

A couple of weeks later one busy lunchtime I had a few large ovens in the oven and the phone started to ring - at that point I had 2 instore (inc me) and 2 drivers on a lunch - finished that phone call and then another came in - and my other instore was on the other line - I heard something and new what had happened - tried to finish the call as quickly as I could then heard the noise again! 2 larges pizza’s on the floor - no way I could have got to them and only other alternative was to put customer on hold.

Guess what - baby rails back on!

No doubt about the stop rails. Get them and keep them on. If your people are letting pizzas sit at the end of the oven for any period of time, that is a training issue.

Like the poster above said, it makes no sense to have to stop and put someone on hold - or interrupt a customer in the middle of them giving you their order at the counter - in order to go and grab a pizza, cut and box it - etc.

I guess if you will always have at least 1 person not helping customers you can get away with it. Even when I have 2 or 3 people in the store there are times when they are all busy with customers.

This is the first time I ever heard of the stops intentionally not used on a conveyor oven.
New things discovered all the time.
George Mills

I leave them off. If it is a full oven, I don’t want them backing into each other. And if it is slow and I might forget I have a pizza in the oven, I just balance a pan on the edge as a sort of alarm clock.