Facebook again

We passed 800 fans yesterday. Now we are getting several orders per day on our Pizza of the Day special which we run on facebook. We are going to do a sizable promo on Facebook only in 12 days and see if we can go through 100 pies in a couple of hours and still cover food and labor doing so while attracting some new customers…

I would like to see us get to 1000-1200 fans (we are in a small market) and continue to interact with them on FB as we add on-line ordering later this Spring.

We were experiencing a bit of a lunch drop-off last week while our local school was on Spring Break including the band and about every other family in town gone on a “band trip” to Florida. One of my pizza guys suggested we offer a Facebook special so we tried an 8’" single topping, garden salad and drink for seven bucks. HUGE hit with only the Facebook “advertising”. Zero cost in the ad, we tripled our 8" pizza sales for the two days we ran it, and all it “cost” me was the free drinks. I am a believer in the Facebook and know that we have yet to even consider all the ways we can use it more effectively.

We’ve been a lot more active with our facebook page in the last week because we’ll be rolling out online ordering within the month. The last 3-4 wall posts I made had a great response and I’m going to start hitting them with facebook only specials this week. We’re about to crack the 2,000 fan mark and I want to see how far I go with it.

Whats everyones opinion of Twitter… I saw some talk about this on the Food Network. Any thoughts?

I think places like Bodegahwy’s can make good use of twitter. He runs a different special everyday and does some “be the Xth caller” type promotions. Places that are really active like that I think would be a good fit for twitter - at least those are the kinds of things you read about business doing.

I tend to only update once or twice a week, and it’s a bit more boring stuff. I think we would be pretty dull to follow on twitter as a result. Perhaps I should become more dynamic with my social media… or turn it over to a younger person.

What, and have it all full of cr@p and jargon, text spelling (because they don’t know how to do it correctly). Not for me. This old fuddy wuddy will stick to the conservative style that people of all ages can read and understand.


One of my competitors posts a Monday special every week. This week its not as good as normal.

One of their fans has posted saying (and I quote) ‘thats s**t compared to the normal offer’

and you know what…they’ve left it on there and others have joined in!

I’ve gottta say that’s really made me laugh!

It’s great to see such good results. But I need some help with my facebook and i am hoping that someone on the board can help. When I set up my fb i opened it with my store name and email and made myself administrator but now when ever I post something on my stores site it list my name and not my store name. It’s almost like my stores site is a subsite of mine. Any advice? Thanks for your help.

I ran into the same problem. I fixed by creating a new normal account under my store’s name. I then searched for my fan page, became a fan and then set my new account as an administrator.

nice one… thanks for sharing…

Make sure when you sign in you go to the “ads and pages link” on the left toolbar or bookmark your fan page. If you try to edit from the first screen after signing in you will be editing your own page.