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Okay so finally got a fb page done yesterday…and I guess I never went any further in my head as to getting fans or whatever. Soooo what now? How often do I post? How do I get it out there besides employees? Do I remind employees to like us even though I just did? Do I just be patient? Got 23 fans and it just is a bit embarrassing LOL! Any insight would be great, I know a few others have done this in the past year cuz I have been reading through everything.


My 1st suggestion would be to read through the Using facebook? thread. Lot’s of discussion in there and you can find everybody’s Facebook pages.

Become a follower to see what everyone is doing and get a feel for what “extreme” you want to go with. Soda Creek Pizza posts a “pizza of the day” every day. Others post with specials less often. Some of us almost never post deals and try to use it simply to stay “top of mind” with the customers. You know your customers best - what would they want to get from following your store?

Box toppers and a Facebook logo on your menu with a “follow us on Facebook” are good ways to let people know you’ve got a page. Put that somewhere in whatever ads you run also. A “follow us” link can be added to your website. And, if you’re willing to invest a little cash, you can use Facebook Ads to geotarget your area and drive fans to your page that way - I spend about $3/day on Facebook Ads (to drive fans and/or advertise my online ordering), but you can spend as little as $1/day.

Everything I print now has “Join us online: http://www.facebook.com/mypage”. Our boxes, signs, menu’s, soon our shirts and hats. Just put up a sign in your store for now. Every time you make a new ad or menu or sign just put it on there. It only took a year for us to get 2,300 fans in a town of 2,500 people.
I would post as much as you want. Make it social. By that I mean a forum that your customers can participate and give advise or suggestions. Tell them about a special event in the community and remind them to order one of your specials. I usually run a facebook fan special each week.

What they just said. We started out with the mentioning Facebook in all our ads etc. If you’re in a metro area you will (should) need to contact Facebook for permission to use in paid advertising though. We had to delay the roll-out of a TV ad until we received their letter to include their logo.

Everything we do has the “follow us on Facebook” tag to it though. We’re still working with a fairly small “fan” base, but our posts get read faithfully and there has never been a week go by without a new customer telling us they “saw us on Facebook”.

We rarely do a special deal, but we do put our daily specials out there and introduce new menu items with great success. I’d recommend just to play with it, see what is working best in your neighborhood.

Aside from what everyone else said…

IMHO, the key to social media is how you use it. If you just use it as a vehicle to post specials, you will be disappointed with the results. If you use it is a way to have a 2-way dialog with your customers, you will thrive from it (and when you DO post specials, they will be a lot more effective). Want a new specialty pizza? Ask FB fans for entries and name the pizza after the winner. Thinking about changing your hours, put it on FB. By engaging your customers, you create a sense of ownership among them - they feel like they’re part of something exclusive.

And a really great way for me to gain FB fans was to offer a prize to the xxxth fan AND (more importantly) to the person who referred the xxxth fan. For us, these contests have always generated 50-75 additional fans.

I do not think you should post more than 2 or 3 times a day. There are tools out there to schedule your posts if you wish. Also, be aware of when you post. Noone is looking at their feed at 2:00 in the morning and by the time all the morning posts come through, yours is at the bottom of the feed or worse. Try to post around 9:00 a.m., 4:00 p.m., or 8:00 p.m. That seems to be the times of peak activity.

It’s a great tool but you get out what you put in…

Good luck

Patrick Cuezze

Well I have calmed down a bit since the first post. Curious as how you know who the 100th fan is? If I was to run a special for the 100th fan and the fan who shared it…how do I get the info?

We are up to 68 fans whoot whoot…not so embarrasing LOL. :oops:



We do post a “Pizza of the Day” but the point is not so much to offer a special as it is to remind people that we do some pretty interesting and different combinations in contrast with our competition.

We have had a lot of success with our “thank you” campaign. If you scroll down our wall you will find what we have been doing.

Using ads to drive fan base works very well. When you get up to a few hundred, you can target your ads to people who have friends that are fans which improves the effectivness.

We give away aFREElarge pizza combo to every 50th fan. Just do the countdown on those who have come on board. Advertise you are doing it as a post


Thanks all!

I’m intrigued by the Facebook Ads deal. Is there somewhere I can go that explains it in middle-American English for the dimwitted? I mean, “bidding” means nada to me at this point, but I like the idea of being able to target my fan-base.

you can check our facebook page and get an idea of what we do with it…


we use it to advertise new items, special coupons and pretty much anything… when we switched our pizza this is the main form we used to advertise and it worked great… and the change has been a great success without even advertising it anywhere else… if you have any questions let me know…

also we have a big sign inside the store saying join our facebook fan page for special discounts and offers… something like that

Here’s a quick primer – definitions and links for more info:


You can also sign up for Facebook’s “webinars” to learn more: http://www.facebook.com/adsmarketing/in … inarcenter