facebook help

So I have noticed now we are in the 17-22 percent impressions, WTF. How do we increase this? is it by Purchasing something?

That is not a bad number. It means that 17% of your fans saw that particular post. Remember that the news feed is like a scroll and even though your fans can see your posts, if they do not go on FB within a few hours of your post, you are likely to not show up on their page. One way around this is to post more often and many are tempted to do so, but if you do that too much people will “un-like” your page or hide you which defeats the purpose.

The other way to get more viewers is to engage the fans and get them to like your posts, comment and post things themselves. It is that kind of interaction that puts your posts higher up the importance ratings for fans that use the “top stories” setting rather than the “most recent”. (top stories is the default setting)

Driving viewers to your page with ads they click on also raises the profile of the page and increases views.