Facebook posts by Pizza Kitchen owner lead to $2M suit

I came across this today and though I should pass it on. With the economy and sales the way they are, I am seeing a lot more conflict between marketers and clients.

Interesting article from the Knoxville News:

Facebook posts by Pizza Kitchen owner lead to $2M suit

Wow that really makes me mad and sad… What a way to crap on an established 11 year old hard-working ma and pa shop. Thats just ridiculious.

I hope Low & Tritt loses. And hopefully goes out of business b/c of this.

This is a goofed up situation they’re fighting over. The whole thing is something I am watching. This is a serious matter of businesses airing their anger in public . . . I try to stop short of b@stardizing the company.

The use of social networking to carry on such disputes could carry over into forum discussions like this, and start to crunch our comfort to share experiences. Gonna be a big case if it ends up in front of a judge. Precedent/landmark setting sort of thing in this age of mindless dump of stream of consciousness is the internet world. HAve a filter gusy . . . someone may sue you.

that article doesnt state what it was that upset the pizza kitchen, either way im sure it was something none of use would take as business owners and i would have done the same thing…too bad it wasnt me cause i have 600 facebook friends to see it