Facebook update

Well, we are about 8 months into FaceBook at this point. We are up to just about 1100 fans (not bad for a town of 10,000) allthough insights tells me that a quite a few are from out of town. Who knows how they find us other than a few members of this board that follow us.

We have also been advertising on FB pretty consistently. We do get a lot of lookers and some things we have tried have generated comment around town and from customers so I know it gets seen.

Here are a few conclusions and thoughts:

  1. It is crucial to be in this space… BUT you have to participate in it… not just put up a page and let it sit there.
  2. FB does NOT drive transactions very well. It is more of a “top of mind” tool.
  3. To the extent it can drive transactions, it has to be really killer deals to get any traction at all.
  4. Include pictures in your posts as often as possible.
  5. Connect with and talk about local people and other local businesses on your page.
  6. You have to work to drive up your fan base. Until you have a fan base, your posts on the page are just shouting in the wind. FB ads do work very well for building the fan base.
  7. Giving away free pies once in a while on FB will get your fans to read your posts.
  8. Giving away a $100 pizza party for the Superbowl got more people to click on our ad, become fans, post on our page than anything else we have done.
  9. Offering $10 off your first on-line order to fans generated the highest click rate of any FB ad we have done.
  10. Running an ad targeted at non-fans with a picture of the pizza and a description with no logo or store name also generated a ton of clicks which took those people to our page.
  11. Paying for clicks rather than impressions will generate a lot of impressions if your ad is one that gets clicked.
  12. If your ad gets clicked a LOT, it is cheaper to bid really high for impressions.

That’s a great list. I need to work on my facebook page. I set it up and posted a little and then weeks have gone by.

Thanks for the reminder