Hey Guys,

I am new on here and I need to add some new fresh ideas to my pizza shop.
Anyone utilize facebook as a way of advertising and communicating with your customers?
I have looked at Twitter but I think a lot of people out there are using facebook more than that.

Pizza Al

Yes I use Facebook as a marketing tool and it works very well for me and its free to do so why not use it. I have a group as well as a fan page for my business and use them to send out a special to my “friends” about every 10-14 days.
I use twitter as well but have just started with it so we will see how well it works.

I will actually be doing a semminar at the Las Vegas Piza Expo on this as well as on how to use youtube to market your business so make some time to head down to Vegas in March.

Social marketing sites are only as good as you make them. It is easy to create a lot of spam as well, and that creates bad will. Yes, there is the argument that if spam didn’t work we wouldn’t have any, but that is not the kind of relationship you want to build with your customers.

Facebook is a great tool though. You can plan events, invite people, and your customers can use those same tools to coordinate parties, events, and orders.

I think facebook will be fun thing to use and why not, like you guys mention it is free.
Pizzaguy, what type of specials do you send out to your friends?

I would like to start twitter and a facebook page, but not sure if I should wait until I have a website first which I have yet to even start looking at but would like to this fall.


I made this mistake. I wanted to wait until I had the money and time to make a very nice website before I did any online activities. I finally wised up and had my sister make up a basic shell of a website that I’ll be able to go in and improve later. Make sure you have statistics reporting in some way on your website and you’ll be surprised at how many people are looking you up every month.

Even if all you have is your name, number and address at the top of the page and “under construction” at the bottom, just get something up. Google, Yahoo, Bing and the billion other informational websites will have time to crawl your page and hand out your information too.

Do the facebook page too, I get quite a few people who come to the website from looking at the facebook page.

I am using Facebook. I am not a fan of Twitter. We have almost 200 Fans on our Facebook page. I want to get it up to 1000 or more. I just started running little contests with the winner getting a gift card. I am trying to use it to interact with customers as well as offer specials and such. We post pics and will be shooting little videos soon. Check it out. Let me know what you guys think. Just search Pesci’s Pizza.


how did you get your 200 Facebook fans??? I’m thinking of doing Facebook ads to drive them to our page.

I was already on Facebook personally. I just set the page up and a few friends, family and employees added it and it has gone from there. It is now being advertised on our menu and website.


I’m thinking of finding customers in our city and just sending them a message via Facebook to “Become our fan”. Do you guys think this is a good idea? Or it will just be annoying? I’m a bit hesitant now on Facebook ads since I’m not sure how many people will actually pay attention to ads on the right side of the screen. I know I don’t when I’m on my personal facebook account.

I also have some e-mail addresses of our customers that I’m thinking of using for an e-mail blast to drive them to our page.

I have done a number of specials, free breadsticks and 2L pop with 2 large pizzas, free cheesebread with 2 medium pizzas, combo deals, 2 pizzas, wings and cinnabun sticks for $xx.xx or 2 pizzas and 6pak of pop for $xx.xx etc. I found when I did pizzas with something FREE it works the best.

I wouldnt worry about having a website to get started you can scan your menu and post it on your Facebook site to get started.

I did a blast out to all my friends and had over 300 fans in about 10 days. I did a few contests to see who invited the most friends and gave the winner a free pizza

How did you track who invited who for the contest?

When someone was invited they had to post who invited them on the wall