Fair Price for Raw Pizza Dough & Cooked Hoogies from a Shop?


I am weighing all my options before I make a move on alot of things and I have to say right off the bat this site and another have helped allot - Thanks for everyones experts opinons!

Again I used to own a place years ago and Pizza was secondary so we bought premade frozen sheets from the food distributors… I forget the name of the company and also the price.

The goal is the cheapest/easiest for my place because again Pizza isn’t going to be the major thing Im selling… I dont know how the space is going to be for a mixer - plus the cost of one. I’d like to number crunch.


What would be a fair price for Raw Pizza Dough if I went to a Bakery & or Pizza Shop? Is this comon in your fields of people/other business coming in buying premade pizza dough? ( Im going to sell cookie sheet size pizza, not the huge ones, but something the size you normally have at home. Something in that range ) Lets say enough to make 5-10 sheet pizza a day?

What would be a fair price for dough??

Another Question:
Possibly instead of going with a Orlando or something like that in the Hoogie Sub rolls which I’d get from the Food Distributors - like we did last time… What would a Fair Price for 8" Hoogie Sub Rolls be lets say around 65-100 a day. If it matters in price the amount. Something in that range? 50-75 a day.

What would be a fair price for hoogie sub rolls??

Ball Park Idea… what would you charge. I want to have a general idea before I go to a Baker & or Pizza Shop.


I can not comment on cost because every market is so different but there is two sides to what you are looking for. Lets start with the easy one. The Hoogie rolls. There is a little shop in my town that contracts with a local supermarket for his bread products on a daily basis. Always fresh and a good price according to him. It also gave him a bit of imput over just what type of roll he wanted. His was for Italian beef sandwiches. I would suggest trying that route if you want fresh over frozen from a distributor. Now the harder part. The pizza dough. I am sure if you looked hard enough you might be able to find someone to supply you with dough but I am guessing most will not. I know most pizza shops will sell a couple of dough balls to customers that want to take home and bake…I have done it many a times and actually been told by a few flat out no we do not sell raw dough. The reason I would not supply you is you are taking the foundation of my finished product…one that even the least expensive (read cheap) of shops still thinks is good and people come back because of that. Now word gets out that you are selling my pizza? Yes it’s only my dough but to the customer…it’s my pizza. What if your’s is a lot better? What if your’s really is bad? Any and all of this even in a few dozen pizzas a day could have a big effect on my sales. Not worth the risk in my opinion. But like I said…you might find someone to do it. I would look into the distributors though as they have a lot of options just for the idea you are looking for and a good few of those products they offer are decent. Good luck and hope for the best.

I recently wrote about this in an article. The “true” cost to make dough is calculated by multiplying the ingredient cost by a factor of 2.5. So, if the ingredient cost is $0.25 the cost to product that dough would be 2X $0.25 = $0.625. To this you would need to add a profit margin. If the profit margin was 15% the selling price for the dough would figure out at $0.718 per pound.
What size/weight hoagies are you looking at using?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I’d say 8" hoogie rolls… I am not sure of the weight, just something to make subs with.

Actually mike helped me out - but i’d still love to hear from some pizza guys if you ever do this? Sell raw pizza dough and or make sub rolls. If you did, what would your cost be around.

I’d never sell anything that was ‘unique’ me to a potential competitor regardless of whether it wasn’t their main type of food. Dough, sauce or anything which I’d added to or I’d gone out of my way to sauce. I’d consider if it were something in common maybe a topping, drink etc.

I too have a space issue, so I gave my baker my dough recipe and he makes it for me. I pay 1$ for a 16oz dough-ball. It may be a little high but I think flour just shot up here for some reason and it’s extremely convenient for me.

Hannah…1$ for a dough ball???
If a bag of flour tripled it still wouldn’t cost you that to make it yourself. I understand the comfortability factor but seriously, people say grande is a waste of money. Your leaving 80 cents on the table for every pizza you make. Id be able to ship you my dough for less than that.