False Money

One of my drivers, who has been with me for 6 months, dropped off a delivery and was given a fake five-dollar bill. He didn’t notice at the time but when he got back to the store, one of my managers spotted it.

I rang the customer who said that how does he know we didn’t get the bill from someone else and say we got it from him. I told the driver to go back and sort it out but he says that its got nothing to do with him as he just delivers and collects the money, and doesn’t have to check if it’s fake or not, especially as it’s harder to tell at night in the dark.

We’ve contacted the police who say they will collect the note and check the address we delivered it to.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? If so, what did you do?

I got a fake $10 and unless you catch it right when the customer gives it to you you’re out of luck.

Should i make the driver pay as he didn’t check it when he accepted payment?

no you shouldn’t. i could see if it was a $50 or $100 bill. in that situation you would expect the driver to at least give it a second look.
since it was a $5 and recieved in the dark… i’d say you take the hit as part of doing business.

Do your drivers receive any training in how to spot a fake bill? If I were the driver that would be my argument. Plus, it’s a FIVE. Do you expect the driver to sit at the door and examine every small bill he receives?

Just swallow the loss. It’s $5.00 vs. possibly creating a disgruntled employee. Make him pay that $5.00 and he’ll make sure he gets that back and a lot more.

And there’s no way I would expect my driver to go back to “sort it out.” The customer already told you that it wasn’t his. Whether he was lying or not, what was your driver going to do at the house? He’s a delivery driver, not a Secret Service agent.

Thanks for the helps guys. If it was a $50 or $100 bill, what would i do then?

Also, what if it becomes a regular occurence with some drivers, they can’t be bothered to check if its fake or not?

What have you told your drivers that you want them to do? Have you told them you want them to check every $5 bill for its authenticity?

If you have told them that, and they continue to take fake $5 bills, then you have a leg to stand on.

However, I can’t ever imagine having drivers closely inspect each and every bill they receive. I know I don’t for pickups in the store - actually, do you check each bill you take in the store?

I dont think it is fair to have the delivery driver take the blame for a counterfit bill. It is hard to spot them sometimes and especially at night. Why not ask the local police to come in andtrain your staff to know what to look for? They do thast here for us and give us booklets etc that show us what to look for, and its free.

I have to agree with Pizzaguy. I have more trouble with creditcard fraud than fake money.

i doubt you’ll have fake money issues again anytime soon. chalk it up to a learning experience. if you get the drivers overly concerned about checking money given by customers, your customers will become offend as they whip out the magnifying glass and counterfit pen at every door. if that starts to happen you’ll lose alot more than $5.