Family Night

Looking at running a Family Night on Tuesdays. I’m looking for ideas on activities for kids to do while they are here. Already have a face painter lined up. Thought about a bounce house, mainly to attract attention, but the company I spoke to isn’t really interested, with concerns about the weather and liability. Have a big screen projector that I could put a family movie on. Thought of bringing in coloring books and maybe some games. Maybe have a Wii on one tv.I already have a pool table and air hockey. Looking at pushing feeding a family of 4 for only $25. Includes pizza, appetizer, and up to 4 drinks. Maybe pizza and up to 4 drinks for only $20. Any ideas?

Here’s some raw ideas I wrote down for myself

Movie night (be careful of copy right infringement, I guess)
Kid’s Karaoke
Pokemon/Sillyband/Bakugan card trading
Origami (by some origami books and photocopy the best ones, give the kids paper and laminate the pages you photocopied)
We have a seating area with an xbox and it is a big hit
Structured, supervised activities - this takes the kids away from the table in a supervised setting to color, build something (little balsa wood kits are cheap, or crafts).
Make your own pizza (we do this and have had a great degree of success)
Folding a chef’s hat (good instructions on the web).
Father-son eating contest
Kids wait on their parents night - partner the kids with a server and let them take orders.
Rock band night on the wii or 360
Organized kitchen tours (kids seem to love walk-in coolers)
Box Folding contest for kids (free labor !!!)
Bobbing for apples.
Duck pond (rubber ducks with prizes on the bottom in a tub of water). Each kid gets to pull one duck.

I’ll probably come up with more as soon as I hit submit.

Those are great ideas pcueeze, wish I had dine in now. SO wish I was dine in.

I wonder if you could do the duck pond thing as a del-co, let the carry out folks pick a duck before paying. Maybe have one duck marked 75% off., one 50% off, the rest be a small thing like free stix or drink of something on their next order. Hmmmm…

We have a face painting and a cartoon caricaturist who is amazing! I went on line and learned balloon animals…turned out to be so simple. we also do Disney on all the tv’s, kids get crayons and coloring papers and free choc chip cookies.
so far so good its our 4 time (every Wednesday) we have grown it by 15percent each time. last night was a smash

I think Rick, you bring a good point. just because we are delco doesn’t mean we can’t do this sort of thing, it would help encourage carryout which is my main aim at the moment and a bit of fun for the kids will be great attraction.

I had a separate idea that would only work for dine in but I think sounds good. It has to do with the birthday club that I read elsewhere on the TT. What about say…every other Tue or Wed…a slower night…you have a birthday party for kids with their b-days that month. Offer a free “kids bday” pizza and drink for the b-day person. Maybe a make your own thing to get more hands on. Bring in the clown or face painter. Have a big sheet cake to share with everyone. Parents bring in themselves and other kids. Maybe set the whole thing up as a party setting with $XX per person with pizza and drinks included. Do it on an RSVP basis so you can plan ahead and be stocked accordingly. So basically one big party every two weeks. Spend a little on decor and balloons…takes pressure off the parents…why do you think they go to Chucky Cheeses and such… because of the great pizza and the stinky balls in the pit? HeII No! Convenience!!! :!: