Fast Casual Concept

Looking at doing it some questions

What kind of dough? currently doing a 58% hydration with a 72hr ferm looking to do a simple crust with
a good flavor

What kind of Oven? using Edge right now not sure if I can reconfig finger arrangement

What price point would you suggest on a BYO 10-11 inch pizza


I wouldn’t consider an 11", I’d lean more towards a 9". The beauty of the fast casual pizza places is everyone getting their own. 11" pizza will be shared more often than eaten by one. If you get 4 people in paying $7 each for their own pizza, compared to the same group sharing two $9 pizzas your bottom line will better.

It shouldn’t be a problem reconfiguring the fingers. You may have to get some different ones from Edge but that is not a big deal.

Go buy a burger or burrito meal from one of the fast casuals like smash burger or chipotle. That would be my target customer. Heck a#1 large sized from any of the fast food joints is going to go over $10 a lot of times. If it costs $3 to make sell it for $9 or so. Also agree about going 9" for personal pizzas. I’d price the base at maybe 7 or 8 and get to 10 with two toppings on a BYO. Higher in a HCOL area like a resort. Have some specialties to choose from. People are lazy and don’t know what they want half the time. I bet in most of the fast casual places over 75% buy one that is on the menu and not a BYO.
I am not an expert but that’s how I would approach it.

anyone using the Turbochef or Wood Stone deck ovens?