FastPoint Technologies Pizza Touch (screen) + Rapidfire prob

Did FastPoint of Stanton, CA go out of business? My touchscreen interfacing software by FastPoint is still under warranty, but nobody is answering the phone or responding to email.
My 17" touchscreen is losing calibration too frequently and seems to be requiring a firmer touch to operate. Is it a hardware or software issue? Any suggestions on solutions?

Re: FastPoint Technologies Pizza Touch (screen) + Rapidfire

FastPoint Technologies went out of business in July of 2007.

Unfortunately, it gets worse. When you installed you FastPoint touch screens, all of your light pen and touch screen interface software was altered… which means, you cannot install a “normal” serial touch screen without a darn good RapidFire expert.

I suggest you call POS Hotline. They have created a Touch Convers Disk, which will fix you FastPoint woes.

POS Hotline’s number is 866-767-1230