Favorite coupons?

I’m looking for ideas -
What were your best response creative coupon offers?

So far, mine has been a “FREE UPSIZE” - pay for a large but get an extra-large…


  1. 2 Large for $XXXX (always the best)

  2. “Your Choice Discount” 25% off Monday, 20% off Tuesday, or 15% off Wednesday (Pulls really well for me)

  3. “Super Sampler” Large Pizza, Appetizer Sampler, Large Hoagie, 2-Liter $XXXX

  4. “Free Fries” Free large fry with purchase of any 2 large sandwiches

  5. “Pizza & Wings” Large Pizza & Dozen Wings $xxxx

combo deals like a large with bstix and a 2 liter work great for me…you don’t necessarily have to discount either …just float the price of the items added together. people just like to see one price.

I offer Buy one, Get 2nd Half Off! its a 25% discount overall. But it works well.

I also mimick the majors. I like the 5-5-5 deal! and the 7-7-7 deal!

We have had success with “buy a topping and get one on us”. Also, we do combo with sandwich and chips (we don’t do fries). We used to do a lot of daily ‘discount’ specials, but the margin we have is so thin already that we just can’t trim of profit every day.

We do have some “Signature” pizza pies that are pre-desgned and have built-in discounts from comparable number of topping pizza. these are quite popular and give us some structure to know what to order and prer.

Our model is different from the coupon guys in that we provide and market that we have an excellent product at a fair price. We don’t position ourselves in the marketplace with the economy delivery machines. We can’t compete there. Others have had whole different success stories with different models.

We do put free pizza certificates all over the community in raffles, door prizes, newcomer packages,employee awards, appreciation gifts and the like.

Just finished a direct mail, “coupon magazine” similar to clippers, but no national coupons, all local businesses. I had 1/2 page full color w/ pics and (4) coupons. The best overall was $5 off $20 / $2 off $10.


I always do FREE ______. It attracts more attention then 2.00 off etc because people like to get stuff for free!

I hate coupons myself, but they bring business in. I always go for the typical 2 large or medium for x amount of dollars, you could also try buy one get the second one half price. for the super bowl you could do a pizza/wings/and 2 liter combo for x dollars. If you have sandwiches and other stuff try buy one get one half off.

I hate coupons too ADPizzaguy but its an atmosphere we have created. ADVO published a report that said 70% of all pizza purchases are coupon driven. I agree with the FREE comment earlier. I am actually thinking of raising my full price up and additional $2.00 over the next year, and offering Buy One, Get One Free on all Carryouts, and Dine-ins. On carryouts I average 2.5 add-ons for every 10 orders, and on Dine-ins I average 9 add-ons for every 10 orders. So If I run a BOGO structure on CO’s & DI’s my food cost runs about 45% and 35% repectively, with my deliveries running about 28%, of course depending on the mix, it all generally averages out to about 33% FC. Which is slightly higher, but if it raises my sales 10% then I am not complaining.


I see you use Firefly. I would love to know how your experience with them has been. If you want you can email me at pescispizza@aol.com. As far as coupons go I like ones that advertise “FREE”. I like to give free food items as opposed to dollars off. Also, I try to get these in the hands of new people and not pass them out in the store as much. Thanks for any help you can give me with Firefly.