Favorite Draft

I plan on getting a True 4 keg refer, what are your best selling draft beers ? Instead of 4 ,1/2 kegs i could go 3 half kegs and 3 pony kegs, any one have the pony kegs and are they worth your time ? Any recommendations would be appreciated, thank you, john

Ya know, that is such a regional thing.
what would be hugely popular one place may bomb in another.
Spotted Cow by New Glaurus brewery is and has been the hottest selling tap beer in my area for years now.
Bud light seems to be surpassing miller light this last year, and now I see coors light being requested very often, I cannot give away regular coors, but they go mental over the light version.
We stock heavy on local micro’s here with good success.
Maybe try some pony kegs of micro’s to see how that works, and one mainstream.
Your beer salesperson should be able to guide you on whats hot and whats not/

We started a few years ago with all the popular beers, bud bud light coors…Buy last year we changed over to local beer! HOME RUN maybe look at Stones brewery for Ca.

Look at cigar city brewery, especially the jaialai