Favorite scale for making dough?

What scale do y’all use for making dough? I was hoping to weigh 40ishlbs at a time. They don’t seem to make them that large unless you get the price computing ones which have tons of features I won’t use…http://www.webstaurantstore.com/tor-rey-pc-80l-80-lb-digital-price-computing-scale-legal-for-trade/166PC80L.html

Does anyone use a digital receiving scale like so…http://www.webstaurantstore.com/tor-rey-sr-50-100-100-lb-digital-receiving-bench-scale/166SR50100.html? I think I could weight flour and water accurately with one of those but maybe not salt and oil.

In the past we’ve used 10lb walmart digital scales, which work fine for the price, but don’t get distracted while you have something on the scale or it will time out on you! Also sometimes we’d have to measure say 100oz of flour, put it in the mixing bowl, then measure the next 145oz of flour cause the scale wouldn’t measure that much.

We use a little postal scale for yeast and will probably continue to do so.

Thanks y’all.

We use A and D scale for weighing dough ingredients and for weighing out doughballs. We use 25 lb bags of flour, and this scale has a 26 pound capacity.

Ditto for the A and D scales, they are about as bullet proof as you can hope to have a scale, we have actually had them fall off of a bench top onto a hard floor and still function perfectly. Another good bet is the Doran line of scales, we have had one for many years and it still works great, the battery gave out years ago and at the cost of replacing the battery we just use the 110-volt plug in and go on with life. By the way, the A and D uses conventional batteries available everywhere.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Wow. Very sexy. They got a 44lb capacity waterproof one, which is exactly what I’m looking for. Thanks y’all!

I’m using an older 30 pound capacity Hobart price calculating Deli scale, it has 2 spots to the right of the decimal point which helps with small batches. Especially using IDY