Fax broadcast to local businesses

Does anybody use or know of a service that faxes out “lunch specials” to businesses within a specific radius? If so, what is your opinion of the service? I thought a saw one advertised in one of the magazines a few months ago, and I think I even visited their website, but now I cannot find them again.

a real “gray” area there…it is against the law to “broadcast” fax w/out approval…you “could” get in trouble…

I recommend getting a “fish bowl” & collecting biz cards, giving away a free lunch & let them know, that they may recieve “newsletters/emails” from you when they put in the card…

email is FAR easier/less obtrusive than faxing…

Hey I use RFG Marketing . They increased my lunch business alot. The guys name is Andy and his number is (877) 444-2099. Here is his website


You can check out my site they set up for me. I am suppose to have pics on it but have not given them to him yet. He also does my online ordering without transcation fees.


Thanks Pizza Rookie! That is exactly who I was looking for but could not remember the name!

it is against the law to send unsolicited faxes…

do you want you name associated w/junk faxes?

do you like to get junk faxes several times/day?

is it worth the $500 fine for EACH junk fax?

or is you pizza that cheap that you stoop to those levels to build business?

I’m sure your pie is better than that!

Take the high road & market accordingly…

My list was built from asking customers to sign up by giving them a chance at free lunch. They put down thier e-mail or fax number and they are entered in a daily drawing. They sign the sheet approving us to fax or e-mail them a special each day. There is a number at the bottom of the daily specials sheet for them to call to come off the fax list immediatly. I have been doing it for a year and have never had a complaint. I always get people redeeming thier free lunch so I know they are reading the fax.

who EVER said anything about unsolicited?

Check with your local Chamber of Commerce…Sometimes the chamber has an “opt in” fax list their members can use…RCS…

Solicited or not, “specials” that are faxed to my office immediately go in the trash.

You asked about a place that would fax to a certain radius. You never mentioned having prior approval from everyone within a particular radius. The guys are steering you right here. $500 per page is what I believe the fine to be (it may be $500 per fax though). Either way, it’s per recipient. It triples to $1500 if they can prove you do this regularly.

Great quality broadcasts through word of mouth. : ) Got a great lunch ? Everyone tells everyone.

I am a firm believer in “word of mouth” advertising.

I am also a firm believer that it is erratic, unpredictable, and less accurate than the menues and secials we send out on paper :slight_smile: I do everything I can to get people into my store so that they will consider generating word of mouth. It’s like investing in a “perfect storm” of experiences that will create the opportunity for the customer to go tell new friends.

Another way to say it is, “Word of mouth” doesn’t happen, it is created. Faxes are one way for starting the conversation and piquuing people’s interests. There are lots of avenues, and faxing isn’t one I have considerd yet. Not my style for my market. Others have done it with great returns.

Make it work for you, or cast it aside.