Feasibility of sit down vs delco

I have an opportunity of acquire the space next to my shop. I was considering adding tables and tv’s and having sit down. I am concerned as to the ROI for sit down. I realize that people will spend more when they dine in. I also know that I need to have at least 25 or so seats for it to be worthwhile. And I also realize that you don’t fill the dining room up except for 2 or 3 days a week.
So…any of you who have sit down, do you feel that you would do much less in sales if you were only a delco.
The space is 20 x 55. It has a small backroom I was considering for a few games. My desire is to have as close to “Family friendly” as possible.
Any comments or help is greatly appreciated.


Personally I would jump at the chance assuming the rent factor is not a big issue. We just went through this same scenario but the business next to us did not want to move over so we could take extra space. Pizza is a family/group thing. If such a group wants to go out for pizza they will choose another place even if they like yours better. There are many pizza joints out there that are not very good but make it because they simply have the facilities to handle groups of people.

To me the argument is the same for delivery. Its another headache, but its another steam of revenue.

Expanding your restaurant for dining is pretty inexpensive too.


I don’t know how we would survive without our dining room. Both are smaller, seat about 50, but fill to capacity on the weekends. As for the other days we still get a pretty good crowd. After all people like to go out to celebrate all kinds of things…birthdays, anniversaries, i don’t want to cook days.

We have table service so our only added labor is server (2 thur-sat) and a host. But they also act as phone person and cashier. Your biggest expense will be tables and chairs plus smallwares. If your gonna do it I would have table service. Waitress pay is cheaper and you get a different feel than ordering at the counter.