February Promotions report

I wanted to share this fun idea my wife developed for our 1st postcard of the year. Since Tuesday was Super Duper Tuesday, and Georgia had their primaries, she made a campaign related to the election cycle. Pizza Selection Year during the Presidential Election Year. All red, white, and blue and setting up a sort of election of the best signature pizza. they vote by buying the large pizza, and at the end we will announce a winner with some sort of fanfare and special pricing promotion.

We are also heightening awareness of our fried cheese wedges and fried brownies by adding a coupon for adding one or the other for $1 when ordering large signature pie. Many people who are not ordering the large pizzas are still mentioning the cards, so we believe the visibility factor is good whatever they order. Keeping counts to see if promotion was good or not. Cards dropped on Tuesday, primary day, and we are seeing added activity so far. We expect a large bump this weekend. Will report how it goes. Below are links to both sides of the card. They will be there for at least a little while until GotPrint takes them down.

We paid $174.29 for 5000 cards delivered from CA to GA. ($109.99 plus $64.30 shipping). Postage to 2100 addresses in our zip code = $278.18. We will be dropping more cards in more routes in neighboring cities this weekend.

front: http://tinyurl.com/2fjpa4
Back: http://tinyurl.com/2ccwsl

Nice job Nick…

There are 4 pizza places in my area…In talking with a couple of them, they are quite slow yet I have not seen any marketing material come my way…Some folks just do not get that marketing must go on all the time to beat the cycles…

I like the bit about “federal law prohibits bribes…Lucky for us those laws don’t apply…”

Good stuff, let us know how it goes!

The overlap of promotions comes from a wonderful opportunity I had to be a guest on a local Cable Network cooking showe, “Dishing with Mike”. It has a really large viewing audience in the neighboring large town of Newnan, and their website reportedly gets something like 10,000 hits a month.

This was the 1st show he taped completely on location, and we had a great time. We focused on some very basics of how to make pizzas in the busy home, and using local grocery products to make a good pie. I discussed using convenience frozen dough, deomnstrated stretching, making sauce using good tomatoes, cheeses, and then baking. Then I demonstrated making my parmesan cream sauce, and the Great Steak and Potato pie. I had no idea. It was a 30 minute show with about 20 minutes of content all told. I had no idea.

It aired about 20 times the last week of January at various times. We do not get that station in our zip code, though. The response has been pouring in. Lots of people mentioning it and several making the drive to try us out. All were thrilled and said they’d be coming back. the fun part is that most from Newnan are saying that they had heard of me several times, but this got them to come try us. Also lots of pleasant surprise how close we were and convenient to get to. The bonus is that there was a SECOND piece airing on that channel. It was a video presentation filmed for the Chamber of Commerce to show to state officials for an Entrepreneur-Friendly designation for the county.

Man! I could not have asked for more this last couple weeks.

I saw someone’s tag line saying “Business goes where business is invited”. We’re inviting as many as we can. Our vision is to market harder in the valleys so the valleys aren’t as low, and the peaks go higher . . . average climbs too. Keep a steady conversation going throughout the area . . . they gotta be talking about something . . . it might as well be ME!

Hello nick
Good work…
where did you got those printed in california…
Did they design your cards in the price you paid.
Postage was it from usps in your area for 5000 adresses…
please pass the good info to us.

Your postage is about $0.13/pc do you do your own mailing? or do you use some other company?

curious too, think I pay about $.27 to mail our postcards with the indecia.

We use GotPrint and design our own cards. some are better than this, some aren’t . . . just like using a contractor :slight_smile:

I mail the cards myself, as they are all rural routes. I call the postmaster for route counts, then use our bulk mail permit to mail the cards. We will also do the same self-processing for 6 other rural routes in neighboring towns. When you get to City routes, you gotta have addresses and names . . . and higher costs.