Feedback for the Think Tank

It’s been about a year since the new Think Tank platform has launched and I think it’s time to do some sprucing up, don’t you? Visibly, functionally… conceptually?

I’m curious to hear from you guys on where the Think Tank can improve. One of the things I’d like to focus on is making it easier to find information. I’ve added a function for tags now which should help. Once we get all the threads tagged we can make a tag cloud which will show at a glance which topics have the most threads in them. Like this example below (only less huge hopefully). I think tags will also help pull up relevant related threads. What do you think?

Is it too annoying to have to include 1 tag per thread?

I have to admit, that I do not find myself searching the think tank, so I may be the wrong person to ask but I would rather not bother with entering tags. What is wrong with key word search?

I do wish that there was a single click option to mark the forum as “read”.

I just use Google “whatever”

When I use search, I never get the right results.

Why fix what’s not broken?

i like those tag cloud things…if i look at them and find something interesting ill click…but again i like the way it is now so no big deal if its not added

I like the forum the way it is. If I could change one thing though, as Pizza of the Month said, I have trouble finding what I need from search. Maybe this tag cloud could help, but it would have to go back and do every thread. I hate sometimes having a question, knowing it’s probably been discussed many times but I can’t find it through the search bar.

One thing that I would like to see is the ability to go to the next unread thread from the bottom of the page rather than scrolling back to the top.

I’d like to see tapatalk support. I only use my phone to view the forum…

So many great ideas!! Keep them coming. I am working with @Claudio to address each one.

I agree big time with @Pizza of the Month[/USER] and [USER=12585]@Home Town Pizza that when I search I rarely get what I’m looking for. Why don’t we try giving the tag cloud a go for a month or two? I know it will take a long time to tag all the old threads but I think it will help big time in terms of turning up more relevant searches and the cloud could be a nice browsing tool.

Lastly, love your positivity @GotRocks!

So here’s what I got on the list:

  1. Marking the forum as read with a single click. @bodegahwy , you mean a whole forum or subform as read, right? Not individual threads? I think add ons are possible for both.

  2. Improving our search/browsing. Let’s try implementing tags and placing a tag cloud during March and April.

3) Improving navigation. @Daddio I have the same navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen as the top. My previous and next thread buttons are just above the text box where you can draft a post. Do you mean a specifically for the next unread thread as opposed to just the next thread?

  1. Tapatalk. Brilliant suggestion.

Are you guys able to edit tags on other peoples’ threads? Or just the ones you create?

I don’t see any way for me to add tags to this thread.

You are correct, not individual threads.

Yes that is what i mean. Like the new post button at the top of the page.

I am probably just inept for some reason but I would like an easier way to share pictures in the posts.

@bodegahwy gotcha

@Daddio I changed the “home” button in the top and bottom bar in the Think Tank to redirect to “new posts.” Before it was redirecting to and I think that was a bit counter intuitive. We have a couple hundred people in the last few months click “home,” arrive at and then come straight back to the Think Tank. So I hope it’s a bit more “homey.” I think some kind of “recent posts feed” on the side could also be good in the future.

@314 I hear ya. It’s not really intuitive. I was always using the picture icon which asks you to put in a URL but I JUST NOW discovered that you can click on “upload a file” near the reply button and it lets you select an image from your desk top! Thumbnail or full size.

team in Italy.jpgteam in Italy.jpg

Tags should be editable by anyone now. So if you are reading a post and you notice it has no tag, you may tag it.

Speaking of photos and showing them off, what do ya’ll think about something like this?

The forum itself is great but I do agree that the search feature never turns up results that you are actually looking for.

When I first started here a few months ago I searched for particular subjects but after awhile I just read the whole thing…

Claudio and I are trying to figure out why exactly the current search feature is not ideal. I tried a couple of sample searches and when I did that, it seemed like I found the answer I was looking for. Georgiascp, Hometown and Pizza of the Month, can you give me more specifics about what happens when you do a search and don’t get the results you were expecting?