Fermented dough and flattener machine

Hi Tom
I am in the process to start my small business

Trying to find a supplier of dough flattening machine; I have been asked if the dough is fermented or not
My Q; is it accepted to Produce
Pizza flat dough with unfermented dough … then the dough is proofed … the shape might not be perfect after that?
I have to use pre-fermented dough > then flatted by the machine > then proofed

It looks the dough flattne machines ( automatic type) (feed dough and get 12" dough of 10 mm) suppliers have a problem with fermented dough … since their machine only produce 10 mm thickness flat dough … see their reply below
((Additionally, if your dough is only dough (I mean without fermentation), we could make it with different thickness 10mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm))

I need to know why can not use fermented dough to produce sizes 10, 20, 25 mm, while it is possible with unfermented dough