Ferraro Foods

Anyone currently using Ferraro? Pros cons? Cheese prices.

I have had a decent experience with Ferraro. Right now in the area I am in they are the least expensive for Grande Mozzarella and on many other things like breaded chickenbreast, onion rings, 7/11 etc…they always seem to be either better in price or within pennies of Roma or US Foods.

Ferraro Foods can kiss my A$$!!! Is there a way I can make my point of view known any better than this? They open a warehouse in Florida and hire sales reps from competitors. Set prices low and draw customers. Then send out a letter saying that next weeks order will be the last they will send. If you think it sucks when an employee leaves with no notice, wait till you have a distributor do it. If there is anything I am passionate about in the pizza business after 10 years, it’s badmouthing Ferraro Foods. Do yourself a favor and don’t get suckered in by this fly by night company!!! They $UCK!!! Before buying from them ask them about florida and if my statements are false. I will happily provide the letter if they disagree.

The question is, “How do you REALLY feel about them?” Go ahead; you’re among friends here. :slight_smile:


they were here in upstate ny for a while then messed things up so bad… could not get orders correct, deliveries show up a day late, and so on…the eventually pulled out of the area. every so often they call us saying they are coming back in the area and want to stop in and see me then they don’t show up. very f@$ked up company! and they robbed my printing plates for my boxes. don’t trust them.

wow…I don’t exactly trust my Ferraro salesman but wow…Sorry to hear about your problems paul and GT. I will keep all of this in mind as I order from them a few times a month. I deal with US Foods and Roma as well as a couple local companies so I’m not as worried about them skipping out without delivering an order. I will continue to order from them with extreme caution only because their prices are better than the others more often than not. Thanks for the heads up.

Paul! Deep breaths my brother,lmao I feel your pain bro let it loose.

               have a cannolli and an espresso


For the most part, sounds like SYSCO. I wonder if they are connected.