Fettuccine Alfredo

How long will the sauce stay in a cooler? How do some of you keep it. Heat up a serving at a time? Keep a pan hot and hope to sell it? If not selling can you cover it back up and put back in the cooler? And then, if so, how long…I am of course just referring to the Alfredo sauce.

we use the alfredo sauce from GFS, it comes frozen, it last a week once opened and refrigerated in a sealed container…one thing for us it was bland so if you use it I recommend doctoring up with a little butter and more garlic

I’ve recently switched 2 a KnorrSwiss dry product…recently purchased a used induction counter top plate…man I luv it…make a gallon up @ a time & cool…heat 2 order w/a bit of extra milk…toss in pasta & chicken…in minutes its ready for a run thru the oven…

We use a lank o lakes bag alfredo.

We keep a bag in a cambro in our fridge and ladel out each serving as needed. Lasts a week in not gone before that!

I also agree it is pretty bland and needs a little doctoring.

if you don’t heat it up no more than 7 days, if it is heated then cooled no more than 2 days, I would suggest heating it a serving at a time since alfredo sauce is a high cost item

It is best to refrigerate any product and reheat individual servings as needed.

As told to me by a health department official there is something referred to as the Phoenix effect and the speed of bacteria growth doubles every time a product is reheated.

Perhaps someone more knowledgeable can comment on this contingency.

George Mills

I have never heard of that term and Google turned up nothing.

But every time the food passes through the “danger zone”, you risk spore or toxin forming bacteria growth. So though the bacteria may be killed off when the temp passes 165F, it may have produced illness causing toxins or spores not affected by the temperature.

quite correct dewar

bacteria = infection and can be heat treated

toxins/spores = intoxication and usually cannot be heat treated for safety (think botulism in canned foods)

Wow…Land O Lakes would make a great base even if it needs doctoring…they produce high quality products in more ways than 1, I will have to try it:)

some bacteria if given enough time in the danger zone can form spores

I’ve tried the Land-o-Lakes and found it tastey enough for a base. It just wasn’t the flavor and handling direction I wanted to go.