Few questions regarding pizza business

hello every one.
this is my first post is this forum, been reading threads for a while and found it very informative.I see there is Lot of threads regarding pizza businesses but still have some question.
my story is that i just graduated and done with my Pastry and baking program, but never worked in industry except school and internship. my intention was to do bakery business but now I am more towards running pizza shop in the beginning as it look like to me less work than bakery. i ve benn baking pizzas at home almost every week foe 5 years. now I am in the situation to start a new job as I no longer doing what i was doing before. but thinking wont it better to start your own business rather than work for someone to get $10 an hour, I know it will more work and headache but at least i can make more than that. I can come up with enough savings to buy an existing shop. looking all the Craigslist and see shops selling in my area for $50.000-S350.000 range. i will be somewhere in the middle at this, as i have 0 experience in this business how do I check all the aspects to verify the claimed profitability of business, is there a third party personals I can pay for there r services to check all the things and tell me if this is bad or good investment? any your advise would be appreciated

Go ahead and get that job and learn about the business while getting paid rather than buying or starting a business and learning while you burn cash. Get promoted to assistant manager someplace and learn about leading people. Ask questions of the manager/owner about buying, forecasting, marketing, scheduling etc etc etc

Don’t worry about prices of businesses or due diligence for now. That time will come.

I would second that. If you are lucky you won’t make anything the first year or two. If you’re unlucky you will lose money. Take a job somewhere and learn what you can then decide if it’s what you want to do.

I also have to agree with the above post I highly advise against starting your own pizza shop if you have zero experience in the field it will take 10x more money and time than you probably think it will. Get experience and then come back

What everyone else is saying .

Get a job and learn the business first and get paid for it.

When I started, I earned less then $10 an hour. (It was actually negative)

Also down the road if you decide to purchase, ask to see all 941’s and vendor invoices. If they won’t share them, walk away.

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Thanks for your honest advise.
I am starting my first job in the Italian marketplace bakery soon where they do pizzas limited. Where is the good place to start and to get better knowledge about the business if i decide to go Pizza rout. it seem not to be easy to get in there without the experience.

where is the good place to look for jobs for pizzerias except Craigslist?. I live in five towns area in LI. NY and every time I see openings all they need someone with experience.

Just stop in during non busy times and talk to the manager on duty/owner. Just because they put experience in the AD doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t hire someone who is interested in learning.

I agree with all this and will add, that its not bad idea to even work for one of the big three. I know its like working for hitler but they get very busy and learning to deal with this is very important. Along with working with a mass of employees of different backgrounds b/c no one employee is the same. Two years in on are pizza joint and getting employees to produce the same product every time (high-end or low-end pizza) is are biggest problem. The big three are also the big three b/c they know how to control cost. Working as an asst. manager will get you invovled in this all.