Finally, about to turn the corner and get open

the past month has been one fire after another.

Finding contractors to agree to do some plumbing and electrical work was a challenge. Getting the plumber to get finished is an even bigger challenge…nice guy, but please, just get the work done, and done right.

We’re waiting some important equipment, like the oven and mixer, but have tables, booths, and chairs. Coolers and freezer are ready.

Hiring process has started with ads in the paper asking those interested to email for an app. That way we get a clue as to their communication skills. And, I must say…wow, that is a scary situation overall.

I have to get the final selling price calculations done, still need to find a couple of products, and get beer and wine set up…well, have to wait for the state liquor license to do those things. grrrr…

Fortunately, my partner has relented on the “I want to be open by July 8” idea. It simply won’t happen, so July 22 is the date. Plenty of time, and we’ll be ready before that. My stress level went down considerably last evening, when we talked about that.

I love this part. Operating is a blast, and the whole purpose, but this prepatory work is challenging and fun. It’s making me think in ways I haven’t been doing for a while. It’s bringing my extended family closer together too…we’re all working together in this stage.

If only the previous tenant had left the building in better shape…and if the previous landlord (who sold the building not long before the last tenant left) had forced the tenant into doing basic maintenance. THAT is the biggest frustration, but our landlord is recognizing that this stuff is important. Thank goodness. But, those issues have really cost us some days . Whew.

/end rave…thanks for reading!

Congratulations, good luck, and buckle up! :slight_smile: