Finally got a website

Some of you may know that this year is our 50th anniversary. I just went live with my website. Let me know what you think.

Nice and professional.

Is it still legal to say “Christian”?

How long until you get online ordering up and running? It would seem pointless (a detriment actually) to have it featured so prominently only to go to a coming soon pop up.

Also, have you web designer fix the fonts to a more readable font. Using the blocky default fonts makes it look like a web page from 1995.

I think it looks great. Font could be a bit bigger, but I could still read it.

Are those pictures of the actual foods you serve? They look great!

I would order from you based on how your website looks, so I guess that makes it sucessful.

Online ordering should be ready in 2 to 3 weeks. Once the online ordering is up we are going to market the website using boxtoppers and offer 10% off for the first order customers place online. The font was in theme with our menu (kind of retro) but I think you are right about the fact that it could be better and easier to read. Some of the pics are mine and some are not. It does make you hungry :smiley: .

Sure. It is his business and his right. And customers have the same right not to patronize him if they object. Perhaps he is in a very Christian area and that sort of thing appeals to the community. Personally, I prefer religion separate from business. Always seemed to say, “That’s right! We aren’t Jews or Muslims or anyone else you would not want to do business with!” Just seems wrong.

I’m with Pizzamancer. It bugs me when I go to sites that have a “CLICK ME” thing, only to go to a page that says “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction”. I think it would be better to have the Order Online on the home page with a caption under it that says “Coming Soon”; then remove the hyperlink.

Other than that, looks nice.

I have never had any bad comments about that. Customers appreciate Christian values, I have displayed scripture verses on the wall for 35 years and the only time people complained about them was when I moved them to a different spot. I was told “you should display them where you had them because they stood out more”. I operate in a town of 3k and in a County that is very conservative. If I were in another City I could see customers being offended, but I don’t have a problem with it. God has blessed our hard work for 50 years. With that said, I would like to know if the website is good enough.

No customers know about the website yet. The online ordering will be ready in 2 to 3 weeks and then I will spread the word and market the website.

I like the site, it’s “fresh” looking and clean, easy to navigate through. Very nicely done!

Tell me…I know a “cut” is a regional thing. Explain it for me??

Very nice and clean site. I have nothing bad to say about it what so ever.

A “cut” :
Our pizza is quite different. It is a thicker than normal crust. We bake it on an 18" by 26" bun tray. Then we “cut” it into 28 square cuts of pizza. We sell by the cut. Put up to 6 cuts in each box (10"X12"). We have been doing that for 50 years. We sell around 9000 cuts in a six day week.