Finally got the scam order as well

Lo and behold the scammers must be getting desperate. They are now targeting Australia with the usual request for 100 pizzas paid by credit card by a person that is hearing impaired. No mention of cash request but it was the usual credit card payment, pick up by courier. Money add on would probably come later.
I sent them the following reply.
[I]"No problems.
We only do two types of pizza, cheese and pepperoni so we can 50 of each - 1 per person will be what is needed. They are 28” pizzas so his should be just about right for each person.

As an added bonus we will also throw in 10 sets of steak knives for free.

But wait, there is more.

We will also add 100 of our T-shirts so everyone can wear them.

But wait, there is still more.

You will also get a bonus 50 sticks of garlic bread and 100 cans of Coke, absolutely free.

And the last BIG FREE OFFER.

We also sell hearing aids but as you order is so large we will throw in half a dozen of them for you for free.

Any credit card payment will be fine and as like other orders you have placed you want $1000 cash to be given to the courier on pick up.

With the Christmas break coming up why not make the cash amount $2,500?"

We recently got an order for sushi for 100 guests.


I haven’t had a hearing impaired relay scam call in years now, and I do not miss not getting them/

I hope an actual hearing impaired person doesn’t try to order a large order someday. They are going to get the shaft.

Welcome to the club wadave

yeah we refuse all hearing impared orders now its sad…cuz i may be refusing customers…i just tell them to order online.

They used to call every friday at noon. First time we went along with it until they requested Western Union information. They were then met with a “Tell the scammer to F off!”

We no longer get these calls thankfully!