Finally, maybe, thinking perhaps "turning the corner.&q

Hi all,

I’ve had a small pizzeria going on three years now. I’ve struggled with inherited help still loyal to the old boss, two chain start-ups after I opened and a prolonged illness which necessitated a 60 day closure. Most importantly, I had no real game plan and a false sense of confidence based on past performance. Needless to say, I suffered through two years of nightmare results and unsteady sales. Starting with fresh energy this past January, and sponging up every tidbit of good info from the likes of J_rokk, Nick, WA Dave, and others, I’ve found a new bit of marketing insight, and information outlets (primarily here). My new enthusiasm is that I’ve finally hit a $2500 week. I know many of you will laugh at the this seemingly small number, but from my initial start, and then illness layoff, I have recently seen my gross sales increase almost 50%. Most of it is due to marketing ideas, and the consistency I"ve established since re-opening. I am in a market of about 2500 homes, and feel I have more sales to tap into. My post here is to both say thanks to all those who so unwillingly provide their insight based on years of experience, and to offer hope to those who think bankruptcy (like I considered or closure) is the only way out. Step back, put the ego away, and admit this is much tougher than you ever imagined, and ask for help, and if you are willing to adapt, you will have a good chance at making your business work. Thanks again for all your contributions here.

Pizza Bob

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Congrats on your 50% increase, Bob.

The marketing techniques and ideas are proven to help all.

Keep Plugging away…

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Spectacular! I can tell you that once that ball gets rolling it is easier to keep it growing. I’m not saying you’re headed to $5k next week, but the growth is much easier once you have some successes behind you (and some money in hand).

Keep it up and enjoy that 5 minutes of success glow while you hitch up your pants to head for that $3K week. We all know you have it in there somewhere :slight_smile:

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Would you mind sharing what you did to see those increases? What do u feel worked the best?

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Believe me Pizza Bob, no one is laughing at 50% growth in sales. Great job !

I’m in a similar situation. I had great successes working for corporate pizza places. I figured if I opened my own place it would be just as easy, rewarding and profitable.
Our first year I have had my butt kicked and my head handed to me. What we are going through would have been unthinkable when we were planning. It is, as you called it, a ‘nightmare’.

The good news is that we have a plan, we are executing that plan, and we know that with more time we will be where we wanted to be from the beginning.

“Storms make trees take deeper roots.”

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Pizza Bob

Any success is a good success. From small starts come big results and 50% growth is fantastic.

The help you get from this forum is great especially from the ones who have been in the industry for a long time. I know, like you, I asked for ideas and help and what I got helped me immensely and now I just pass on what has worked for me.

If you keep trying different things - some will work and others won’t - you will find that you get another 50% growth which then takes you close to $4K - YIPPEE - and so on and so on, just like a snowball starting to roll down from the top of the mountain.

The main thing now is to market hard along the lines of what others and J_r0kk suggests - I class him as my pizza guru - and stay positive. It is easy to stay up when you see positive results.

Great post and keep the results rolling forward.

Best of luck


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Congratulations! Keep the ball rolling and don’t let up on your marketing. Consistency is the key.

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I know how you feel, Pizza Bob, congrats on the growth and keep pluggin’ away. In another month, we will complete our 3rd year in business. We took over a place that was going under (mistake!), and have struggled the whole time we’ve been here. We are still not where we need to be, but we finally feel like we are getting there. I read the posts on here every day, and I ALWAYS find something I can use. Thanks to everyone who posts!