If you get a moment today, say a quick prayer for me or heck, just wish us luck! After over a year of working on this project our door is opening tomorrow morning for lunch!

Just make sure all your “i’s” are douvle dotterd and you “t’s” are double crossed and all should be fine
… if not put your head down bewteen your legs and get ready to kiss your butt goodbye.
Best of luck

Good Luck!!

hope the opening goes better than expected. ^^

Good Luck Deacon! St. Patty’s Day is our 2 year anniversary so I know of what you speak. I hope it all goes well and you make a lot of new friends in the coming weeks and months!

good luck, I hope you are busy!

Congratulations & Best Wishes!!

Congratulations! in advance…

congratulations, and good luck

Best of Luck! Let your pride and commitment show in your products and service, and your customers should overlook a few missteps and reward you handsomely.

I truly hope you do well!

Small business is the smoldering ember of the American success. Without it, the flame of innovation would one day soon be snuffed out.

I hope all goes well for you!..Good luck!..

So has has it been?

Yeah! How was it!?

I am sure it went as good as could be suspected you had great plan! Probably won’t hear from ya for a few days but hope all is well. Sending out prayer and good skill wishes along with some luck!


Welcome to the wild ride brah, keep your arms inside the ride at all times.

Thanks all! I mean that, for the best wishes here, and for letting me peek into this world for the last year or so and suck your brain matter out for my own selfish benefit! 8)

After a couple very minor and easily fixed POS programing glitches during our final test runs last Saturday, we opted to do a slower opening and have just done a lunch service for the last 3 days. We are a full menu operation serving deep dish and tossed style pies, pastas, salads etc. through burgers and breaded tenderloins, on into steak and a small offering of entrees for the evening hours. We went with a “family pub” atmosphere and attitude, taking a long time “sports bar” and completely re-imagining it. So far the response has been out of this world…but I have been in business long enough to know that small towns will all rush in to see the “new” thing. I won’t call us successful for about 20 years unless I’m down visiting Dave or laying my bum on a beach full-time long before that!!

I’m a research freak and so we have gone with a strong micro-brew line up. We have the complete license but are self-limiting to a few accessible wines and the beers. We offer the std. “lite” for those that insist on them as well as some “gateway” brews from some great craft brewers, leading into some really nice beers for those that want to grow into them.

Food wise, we have chosen a local beef producer group and all our meats are certified steroid, hormone free. Grass raised, corn finished. The resulting meats are phenominal and I’m very excited to start up with our dinner service tomorrow and see what folks think about the steaks and such that we’ve not introduced yet.

Pizza in our small town has been limited to a Hut and a Monicals. We’re offering what I believe to be a really nice butter crust deep and a hand tossed style that I let sit for at least 48 hours before opening a ball. We’re cooking in a 7 year old XLT3255 on Lloyld’s Hearth Baked discs. They’re everything the “Dough Doctor” brags them up to be and are giving us an awesome and predictable pie that have my little burg a’buzzin!

Now…believe me I’m no starry-eyed youngn’ any longer. I know this rush will calm down, we’ll see what our “normal” day will be. That’s ok. Maybe I’ll even find time to take an afternoon off by August or so! So far though I’m tickled that at least for our first 3 days, we’re meeting all expenses with our limited lunch service. Food costs are holding out at 27% avg. for the 3 days, labor at 26%. ( A full-head nod to the fine folks at Point of Success for developing their software that are already in LOVE with!)

So, sorry to ramble on so. I know ya’ll have felt this rush, hope you still do at least from time to time. If you don’t love it…you can’t live it. And if for some twist of fate you’re driving through east-central Illinois…don’t let me know you didn’t stop by and say hello!