I have a couple minutes to sit, think, and ask a couple of questions here…

We opened August 22. 3.5 weeks of “oh my goodness” busy, the last week or so has been a little slower. Still, no complaints, since I was anticipating a dropoff of sorts. We have some work to do to get it picked back up, and we all are aware of that.

Main question: are we the only pizza restaurant in the US who does 9" pies? For some reason, my main (and, at this point, only) supplier is allergic to 9" boxes and circles. We’ve actually been using Perfect Crust inserts for 12 and 14", to the point where we are using them for dine ins also. It’s that much easier to cut and transfer, much less to clean the serving pan afterwards. But, said supplier says 9" Perfect Crust inserts aren’t available…I have a little trouble believing that.

I’ve learned so much from these forums…thanks to everyone. Seriously. I wish I could contribute more right now, but I’m lucky to be online at all at this moment.

Employees have quit already (I had applications in, and this job just called me, they pay $12/hr) and we’ve had POS and oven and mixer problems…but life is GREAT! Our staff, aside from a couple of whiners, are amazing. We lost a couple of really good ones, as mentioned above, but have managed to replace them with almost equal quality. I have amazing assistant managers and shift leaders working with me. Our customer response has been terrific. As I said…life is GREAT! our webpage is nothing to get too excited about, but it will improve. Facebook at the same name.

Here’s hoping for such great economic improvements that we ALL get bogged down and can’t post!


We do a 9" small and just use a 10" box. It does not look out of place as long as the pizza is really 9", if somebody gets sloppy and does not stretch as large as the screen then the pizza looks small.


Hey Steve,
How many shops are around you? And how close to you?

one in town…2 gas stations that do slices or basic whole pies. within 10 miles in all directions, 5 locals and all the chains. We have a great location and a good lunch crowd.