Ok fellas & gals all that no me finally its starting to pick up , cant break that 5000.00 mark yet. :cry: But I have decided to hire a pizza man so I can get a day or 2 off after 9 months. Hes supposed to start 2morrow but I know it is definitely slow on Sundays, what should I have him do when there are slow days…???Do you have your pizza man clean, dishes, prep, sweep , mop, make boxes, what???

i let every one know they have no real title and that they will be expected to fill many positions and help each other do what we do here,we all clean,mop
cook ,deliver, bus tables ect,ect

yeah when i interviewed him he told me he wouldnt deliver because he doesnt speak great english.


For us we it depends on lunch vs. dinner.

Lunch EVERYONE chips in on the “side” duties additionally we all help out washing dishes.

All my kitchen guys are able & will prep, cook, clean, dishes, boxes, ect
For my servers & phone staff they work the front focusing on customers. However, additionally they will wash dishes & boxes.

The big thing is stress the team picture to everyone. No one likes to clean, sweep, or do dishes when a couple others are goofing around.

Good luck with your time off…after 3 years even on my time off (while still in town) I find myself at the store!


any1 else??? :?

I’m with you on this Romano, except that I have a titled manager and Manager in Training, but everyone including me do our share of everything.

We do have specific people for specific jobs but when push comes to shove everybody gets in and does what has to be done.

Even my manager and myself do our share of sweeping and mopping as the need arises.

When I bought my shop I had a pizza maker I inherited tell me that it was “his” make bench and all he would do was make pizzas, not do pastas, not clean up but would prep because no-one else could do it as good as him. He lasted just long enough for me to get a hang of the business then he went out the door real quickly, and has done so in other places since.

You need to lay it out firmly, and in writing, what the expectations are and get them to sign off on it otherwise your standards will go out the door and you won’t be enjoying your days off for very long.

Great to hear that you are taking days off and that sales are increasing. My recommendation is to have the guy in on Monday/Tuesdays or Tuesday/ Wednesday which are the slower days so if they aren’t under too much initial pressure.


Sorry,but I am trying to fathom what it is like to have a couple of days a week off! Maybe its just me but how can you Not be making 5 G’s a week and worry about taking off a couple days?You need to take a day out of shop once a week and go marketing your business.Hustle,hustle,hustle is the name of the game the 1st couple of years bro.As far as a ‘Pizza man’ goes I would have him do everything that needs to be done in your store.Don’t let him make you think he does pizzas only.Sorry to be bearer of bad news but any successful pizza shop owners rarely get any time off the 1st couple of years.Some as myself still hardly gets a day off.

                        Niccademo   'keep your dough off da cieling'

I understand hustle Ive got my wife,mom, and nephew who does all the hustling while I run the shop and make pizzas…they doorhang every week & put in the local paper 1nce a week. Just never had a pizza man so trying to figure out what should I make him do on slow periods of the day?

you are paying him a fair wage right? then make him do whatever needs to be done to help your business succeed. he should do whatever it is that you would be doing if you were there.

years ago when my operation was doing $3000 a week… everyone was cross trained to do everything. Boxes, phones, prep, counter, etc…

After business increased, i hired people for specific jobs… 1 phone person, 1 oven man, 1 pizzaman, 1 counterperson, 1 cook, 2 drivers… etc… everyone still knows to help everyone else out though…

thanx 4 the input but guess what 3 hours be4 he was supposed 2 start he told me he couldnt do it that he got another job, 10.00 an hour wasnt enough lolol
Im back 2 working 7 days a week :cry:

I was really hoping to see one of our own “grow up” to be able to take time off. It is such a satisfying feeling to read that someone got over that 7-day a week hump. Condolences, and you’ve got some good info for the enxt hire.

We are sort of like the Marines in our shop . . . we all have job titles, but everyone also has a primary MOS (Mode of Service) of “general employee who does what needs to be done”. I personally wash dishes, and have mucked out the grease trap. None of my employees really have the stones to be prima donnas (they’re actualy really fine people who don’t have it in their natures yet), and they all really buy into the teamwork idea.

If you get another “pizza guy”, I would recommend having a written sort of job description that includes mentioning the chors that everyone has to do, and that he is expected to pitch in, if not lead the efforts. At $10 an hour, I would expect leadership and example from the guy. My market is small, and that is great big money.

I guess here in NY thats not that good, thanx 4 the vote of confidence. U guys & gals r great. Kind of glad he didnt come 2day very s-l-o-w…

just being positive lolol!!! :cry:

Get used to it. Nobody wants to work in New York. I consider $10 an hour a good wage, but not here for New Yorkers. I’ve heard pizzamakers getting at least $15 an hour here, but these places are slinging out 100 pies a day minimum.

Your family will be the only ones you can really count on. Coming from 8 years experience.

Keep plugging away, your numbers will only get better.

a very long time ago…before pizza…I was an F & B during the World’s Fair in New Orleans…what a nightmare…

but I couldn’t keep a breakfast cook…

finally a young cook appeared (friend of a friend)…he said “Pay me $15/hr & I’ll come 2 work 4 you…”

that was 20+ yrs ago…

I hired him and ya know what? I never had to cook breakfast again…

so sometimes, it pay to find a “ringer”…