Finding Grease Retardant Pizza Circles....


Does anyone know where I can purchase grease retardant pizza circles. The only source I am aware of is Honeymoon Paper. I need to try and find 8" and 12".


Pizza Tom


waxed “cake boards”

and you will find options…

but why?

are you talking about regular corrugated circles…any distributor should stock…before switching to corrugated boxes we used circles with clay boxes for over 20 years until we started delivery and had to switch

Hi Patriot’s Pizza and Famous Pizza,

Thanks both for your responses. I probably should have given some more explanation of my circumstances than I presented in my initial post.

I make frozen pizzas. I used to use regular corragated circles. However, one of my customers requested that I use a “coated” circle to prevent any freezing of the product onto the surface of the circle. I spoke with a few people who steered me away from waxed circles saying, something to the effect, that these tend to crack at times during the freeze process. The grease retardant circles were recommended. Like I mentioned in my initial post the only supplier I am aware of that makes the grease retardant circle is Honeymoon Papaer. I got an initial load from them but the vendor does not have any available and may not for months. For Honeymoon to “produce” a batch of grease retardant circles any sooner I would need to place an order that is far larger than I can reasonably afford and use at this time.

So the primary motivation for my post was to see if anyone was aware of other sources for grease retardant circles. And if not then I may have to take another look at waxed circles instead.

Again thanks both for your responses to my post.

Pizza Tom

I’m a fan of silicone baking paper…we use that for our T & B…you can buy custom circles, but I just bought sheet pan size & used a french knife 2 cut them down…