Finger Alignment for Middleby Marshall PS840G

Hey Gents,
Messaging from Australia :australia:
I’ve got 2 x MM PS840G. I’m trying to get my bases a bit more crispy.
We are currently cooking at 250c (500f) for 4:40min.
We have tried increasing the time on bake and reducing the temperature but have not had good results.
Do you think finger alignment will help achieve this crispness ?
Any help or suggestions much appreciated.

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We run at 455f for 6 minutes. Same oven.

What about your finger alignment ?
This does play a pretty vital role in the finished product ?
Also, if we were to increase the times , I’d be worried about the backlog on the weekend.
We’d almost certainly need a 3rd oven.
I’m happy to do this if it means an improved finished product though.

Lower your temperature and increase your baking time

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Make sure non of your bottom finger are baffled or blank.