Fingerprint time clock

Tonight I was making and rolling a batch of dough when my cooks punched out, HMMMM I heard 4 punches with only 3 cooks ,they punched in and out a person that was not even there ,short handed now, will need to hire before letting culprit go, havn’t checked timecards in a while , anyone out there using a fingerprint time clock like Point of Success offers ?

We use the TimeStation app on the iPad…it uses a unique QR code for each employee. We put their code in a badge holder & that’s how they clock in/out. Works for us!!

Wow, Just fricken Wow!
I’d have both people involved in that scam out on their ears immediately. And i’d look into getting them both charged with theft from a business setting, then fight unemployment benefits hard by repeatedly using the term “Gross Misconduct” in every sentence.

When I do payroll, I do check each person daily hours, and I scrutinize a few other things so if jaboonery and douchbaggery like this does happen it gets caught fast

[INDENT]"…jaboonery and douchbaggery…"[/INDENT]

Now THAT is funny!

Let the terminations begin!

JEFF, is it easy to get the crew to fingerprint in ? (without destroying the device in retaliation !) Seems it might eliminate the jaboons and douchbaggers before day 1 ( they would probably be “allergic” to being fingerprinted !),and another one gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust !

With our POS, we only allow team members to log in or clock in with fingerprints. Only managers can use a numeric code to log in or clock in.

I have been thinking about this for a few days, and for me it always boils down to trust. If i do not trust my employee, then i will not keep them around.

Yes, i will get the bad apple’s from time to time. But i treat my employee’s with respect because i trust them.

I have worked for a company that required a fingerprint to clock in and out. And it was the biggest hassle in the world. Half the time the reader would not read my fingerprint, then there was the whole issue of being late to clock out or early to clock in or covering someone’s shift and that required a manager override.

If you can not trust your employee, then why do you employ them ?

I’ve seen some people pull some really offensive moves after earning someones trust. There are also new hires that need to earn your trust, and in the mean time, what will you do to protect yourself?

@Jeff Ward

Sorry for the delayed response!

The fingerprint sensor is used instead of a PIN code in every part of the system, not just for clocking in. In addition to the time clock this protects everything in the system that requires a manager override. Managers should use fingerprint login too!

If the fingerprint thing is worrisome to employees I suppose it may be a better idea for them to find another restaurant to steal from :wink:

You sir, have just won the internet for the day!!