Fire Prevention Week is Coming Soon

Many of the Think Tankers who have been around for a few years know this is a pet project of mine. Each year during Fire Prevention Week the fire department comes along on a delivery each night. The firefighters give the customer a quick rundown on fire safety and check their smoke detectors and I give the customer the food for free. I have the firefighters pose with the family for pictures which are posted on my facebook page.

In addition to this I have printed business card sized coupons for a BOGO pizza. These cards are handed out to people at shopping centers by the firefighters as a way to get the shoppers attention. The firefighters then have a bit of time where they can present their safety message.

I have a friend who lives in a town with a volunteer fire department and he uses Fire Prevention Week as a fund raising opportunity.

How ever you can incorporate Fire Prevention Week with your pizzeria it is a win/win situation.

Richard, do you also feed the Firefighters? That would be a cool service to include for their firehouse that night.

I often do feed the firefighters. There are many things that are interdependent when it comes to dealing with a fire department that has 3 different stations. I typically only have 2 or 3 firefighters with me on the delivery out of the 30 or more that may be on duty at any given time. Since our department is government funded feeding them does not play a big part in the program that I do during the week. I would see that being more of a volunteer department thing.

The times that I do feed the firefighters is when they are out doing community based things like this week end when they were doing a fund raiser for a companion dog for an autistic boy in our community.

we have 3 fire houses, I was thinking of giving them a free pizza each evening all week long…kind of a good will thing

30 on duty does change the scale and dynamics a good bit :expressionless: We have one firehouse and three guys on duty, tops (and they are taxpayer funded). . . little town me. I get it that you give back on other occasions. sounds like you have a working relationship with them that everyone enjoys. Game on, man.

Rockstar, you can never have too much goodwill with the public safety sector. Those guys don’t fight as many fires as they used to, but they work hard and deserve recognition. At least around here, they are incredibly grateful.

Sounds like a great program to be involved with. :!: