Fire Prevention Week October 4th throught 10th

This is a good opportunity to do some community PR as well as shine a light on your store. I have printed a business card BOGO coupon for the fire fighters to hand out when they approach people in a shopping center. The fire fighters have started the conversation with something like “Can I give you a free pizza for a minute of your time?” The fire prevention officer tells me they were able to connect with more people last year than they ever did in the past. The firemen have made it a contest to see who can hand out the most cards.

In addition to the coupons I have been lucky enough to have the fire department send a crew with me on one delivery every night during fire prevention week. I give the customer their order if by the time we leave the smoke detectors are working in the house. This has attracted quite a bit of media attention for both the fire prevention cause and my store.

Here is a news clip from one year.

The theme this year is Stay Fire Smart. Don’t Get Burned

As a service to your community do something to promote Fire Prevention Week.