Fire Prevention Week October 5th to 11th

As most of the long time readers are aware I run a special promotion during Fire prevention Week. I randomly choose a delivery each night and the firefighters come along to check out the smoke detectors. If the home passes the inspection then the delivery order is on the house.

This got me TV coverage as well as a news paper article last year. This year I am going to do the same but go a step further with the promotion. The firefighters will be stopping in different neighborhoods and passing out information on escape route planning. Along with their information they will be passing out a coupon for me that can be redeemed when the people come into the store and telling me they have their escape route planned.

The fire department are going to set up their test house and take pictures of me coming out of the smoking house carrying a pizza box. They will give this to the press as a kick off for the week.

Here is the link to the TV coverage I got last year.

Please take this idea and use it to the fullest possible advantage you can. The more people that take the time to check their smoke detectors and practice their escape routes the better chance there is to save a life.
Here is the picture that will be in the local news paper this year. I hope some of you are going to do this type of thing too.

You the one in yellow?

Why would you ask? You want the name of my seamstress?

Cool uniform for the occasion actually. Is the other guy a fire marshal?

No unfortunately the fat balding guy is me and the guy in the Sparky uniform is the fire prevention officer.

I was worried about that. I think all us pizza guys look the same. :lol:

We are going to try your promotion next year. There is nothing here like it.


Compared to my chrome dome you have hair like Jimmy Hendrix had. :lol:

When I have photos taken with a flash camera the rebound off my skull whites everything out. Now that’s what I call bald.