First 100 Pie order!!!

Today I got my first 100+ Pie order for THursday Morning@10:45. I have a MM360 on the bottom w/ a BP Y600 up top. The last big order I had was for 82 14" before I got the MM, I had to do it in the double stack BP. Any advice going in? I hand toss all the dough, and bake on screens, usually in the deck oven. I just got the conveyor a couple months ago so I can go after these big orders, but I am not used to baking in it so I am sketching a bit about this. They will be 14" 50 cheese and 50 pep (probably going to add another 10 of each tomorrow), and fortunately the customer is going to pick them up. The conveyor is set for 550 degrees and 6 minutes now, and that makes a good bake for the few pies I have run through there. Will that change as it is full of pizza?

It should make no difference in the performance of your conveyor oven. They are designed to produce at full capacity for as long as you wish to continue.

George Mills

you should me able to knock out nearly 40 pies in 30 minutes at the time/size given…can you get the other 60 from the BP in the same time frame?

In the conveyors I use (MM super 70 stack at one location and Impinger II triple stack at the other) I find that it helps to be sure there is about 2 inches between pies. If they get loaded nearly touching it interupts the air flow too much.