First "Limited Edition" pizza starts today

A few weeks ago I posted another thread about running limited edition pizzas. Our first one starts today with a newspaper ad, email blast, radio and Facebook.

Here it is: Certified Angus Beef Filet Mignon, Fresh Mushrooms, Red Onions, Red Sauce, 100% Mozz on a hand tossed skin. (The beef comes in pieces and runs about $7.50 a pound. We cook it off in the oven first. Price on the beef topping is a 3X topping. 14" version of the pizza is $22.00 before any coupons etc. We are not doing any special offer tied to the limited edition, but our regular offers apply)

IMG_3194 email version.jpg

Excellent! We have a featured limited edition pizzas once a month, typically during our busy season. And our latest feature is Pesto, and so far here we are with the month 2/3 gone and only ONE customer has ordered it… meh! Sometimes, they work, other times they don’t.

Do you ever think about putting a percentage of the cheese on top to sort of protect that meat from drying, shrinking, etc?
I know I have to do that with certain toppings- one being the Philly Steak topping.
Great looking pizza- red onions rock!

We do put some toppings like spinach under the cheese. In the case of the steak, we cook it to medium rare in the oven and then slice it up to put on the pizza. It came our great just like that.

@RPCLady, We have several pesto sauce pizzas on our menu all the time. They do very well.

Nice looking pie!

I really think a lot has to do with servers or whoever is doing the selling. Have you done contests involving sales of pesto? Do you make the pesto in house? I think if it truly is good and you push it it will sell. Hell in Chicago we had a black squid ink fideua that did awesome at a Spanish restaurant.

Ahhh… ok, so the steak is not cooked (or even finished) on the pie. Interesting.
Pesto would to well here, so I may add it. But before it goes on the menu I’d like to try/test it.
I’m in an area where anything cage-free, gluten-free, artisan or free-range is popular.
Some of the employees will have some fun with people on the phone- “Yes, maam- the mushrooms are fresh… cage-free, too”
The “Range Rover” crowd loves that stuff.

Not sure what you mean. The steak is cooked before it goes on the pizza, but it does go on the pizza before the pizza is cooked just like our other meats such as pepperoni…

One issue is food safety. We go directly from opening the package of steak into the oven so there is never any open/raw in our walkin or even on our counter tops.

No… I wasn’t clear. I was just verbalizing that the steak is cooked before it goes on the pie, but I was incorrect in that I thought that you put the steak on after the pie is cooked, which is not the case. Beautiful end product.
Yes… the raw stuff can be tricky. It freaks me out sometimes from a cross-contamination standpoint and such.

What we do for our steak pizza is freeze the tenderloin on parchment paper, so it is individual pieces, portion it to the correct weight in a bag, So, when someone orders a pizza, it gets a quick saute on the stove, just to take the frozen out of it, then finished on the pizza, it is cold and raw when it gets put on the pizza, but browned outside, it bakes to slightly above medium-rare, and just under medium when it hits the table from the carryover cooking.
Red Onions; I wish people in my area would eat them, they just wont touch them here.

Our place is in a very rural county, even with an ad in the paper, some things just don’t sell well. Here if we offer pesto, people want feta cheese and anchovies, both of which we don’t carry because not enough people order those items to justify the limited space we have available.

I’m the only one at the counter… and with this featured limited edition, I didn’t do a good job of promoting it. Typically when we do a “Limited Edition” we put box toppers announcing the special on everything going out (most of our business is take-out) and we showcase it on our Facebook page. We toyed with making it in house… but my husband and I don’t agree on the recipe. So, we’ll see how it goes.

Today I taste tested this: Pesto, mozzarella, spinach, red onions, cut up meatballs and medium spiced Italian sausage – sorry I didn’t take a picture. But I had a regular customer who was here and gave him a slice to taste test (using MY pesto, not the stuff we bought from food service) and he LOVED it! I needed to make a promo sheet about this new pizza and put it on the counter to remind me to say something… Since we are a family run business, its my husband, our son, or myself, at minimum two of us at any one time, three during busy season

sometimes I just ‘miss’ it – thanks for the suggestions.