First night with Point Of Success... have a couple questions

I thought I would post this here since there are a lot of PoS users on PMQ and it seems this board gets much more traffic than the roundtable.

We run Point of Success at one of our locations, but I’m not the day-to-day manager there so I haven’t really learned all the nuances (despite being the person that set it all up!) We just had a very smooth transition night with the software but I had a few procedural questions come up:

  1. I read on the PoS roundtable that some people “drop” all forms of payment from driver banks to a till. I can’t figure out a reason for dropping credit card payments from the bank and I’m afraid I’m missing something. At the end of the night I printed the driver’s bank report and just went off of the “cash” section to see what was due. I then added that cash to a till, and did a separate paid-out for the mileage. Everything balanced perfectly - so why would I need to drop CC payments?

  2. We have it set for drivers to tender payments on return, mainly so they can enter their tips and have them tracked. How do you handle a delivery that was paid on credit card but the driver was given a cash tip? I can’t figure out a way to record that cash tip.

  3. I have a maximum amount set for the driver bank, but it looks like this maximum takes into account credit card payments. Is there a way to make it only account for cash? I don’t care if the driver has a million dollars worth of credit card payments on him, so I don’t want the system to force a drop based on that.

  4. I posted this on the roundtable too, but haven’t heard back yet. When my driver dispatches a credit card order it prints two copies of the credit card receipt. Is there a setting somewhere to only print one? I turned off the merchant copy in the MPS Server so I only get one copy for non-delivery orders, but I can’t figure out why it is printing two for deliveries.

Thanks in advance!

  1. My drivers have to drop C.C. payments to a till because they will hit the preset limit to the amount of money they can be carrying with them. It’s a flaw in the system that I’d like to see changed, so that POS only requires a drop when they hit that limit with cash.

  2. It’s really up to the drivers to report that. On the pay screen, towards the top, is a “tip” button they can press to add the amount to the transaction, then go through the regular payment process. I know a lot of people don’t require their drivers to tender payments when they get back, but I do the same as you because it only takes a couple seconds and keeps from sorting through at the end of the night to figure things out.

  3. See #1

  4. I think, and I’m not positive on this one, that you’re legally required to offer customers a copy of their CC receipt along with an itemized receipt. We always hand the customer both copies and ask them to sign one and let them know the second is their copy…free of charge.

Thanks Indie!

1,3 and 4 make total sense now… although I still think 4 stinks. Oh well, we have to abide by the law :slight_smile:

For 2, I’m referring to deliveries that were prepaid with a credit card. The tip button is grayed out in that case, and the only way to enter a tip is to add it on to the credit card. But we have a lot of cases where the customer puts a slash through the credit card tip line and gives the driver cash as a tip.

Along the same lines as requiring payments to be tendered on return, my drivers can still click “Tender Payment Later” when the get back. Is that right, or do I have a setting wrong? I would think that option would disappear when I select requiring tender.

Thanks again Indie… I really appreciate it.

I used PcCharge for my CC processing, and on deliveries with a CC pre-authed, it prompted for the tip when you hit “finalize”. HOWEVER, if they get a cash tip, they will NOT want to enter it into a tip screen on a CC payment, or the customers card will be charged for the tip amount as well.

That’s what I discovered the hard way last night. So is there no way to enter that cash tip for reporting purposes? I would like to have all of the driver’s tips show up on the tip report, but it looks like I will have to keep a log of cash tips on credit cards so I can enter them for taxes.

extended tip reporting abilities have been requested by many users of the software, and its my understanding that its on the list for a future version.

I don’t have this system, but is there away that you can split payment methods between cash and credit card, if there is you can make the cc payment for a penny less, that would put it back to the cash screen where the driver can enter a tip. That would solve the problem of having to keep a separate log of the tips, but it will cost you a penny for each one they do.

You can call MPS & they will adjust tip pmts…also, have make sure you have Big Holler put a tag line about tips b4 they customers finishes checking out…we’ve done it a couple of times…