First year dip in sales

Anyone have a dip in sales after their first year? We opened in November of 2014 and Jan 31 of 2015 we had an awesome review in the local paper that basically doubled our business overnight. We were having good comparable sales until the end of January 2016 then things dropped by 25%.

This year was down for me until i started my marketing back up (tho i had never seen such a large drop off in years past when i was not marketing). First month i started back we jumped 8% over last year (when i was doing marketing).

Last couple weeks have been hit or miss, i sit in between two different school districts and one just got back from spring break and the other just went out. Throw in a snow storm halfway thru the first spring break and things got fun…

This is a common occurrence. Try using a different form of marketing for a 4-8 weeks and that usually fixes it and for me it always pushes the sales even further so eventually in year 2 towards the 2nd half and the 1st half of year 3 your sales will be thru the roof.

Thanks, we are also considering moving to a better location. One of the prospective buyers of our center said I’ve been buying malls for 25 years. I’ve never seen a better restaurant in a worse location.