Fish Ovens

I am focused on rotating pan ovens and have been looking at Picard and Fish. Nobody on these boards apparently has any history with Picards. How about Fish? I know an operator locally who has a Fish. It works very well for his product but the oven is many years old.
would welcome any input, thank you.


Sorry I can’t help you with these ovens. No experience at all with these. One guy you might want to ask is George Mills. He’s a supplier and deals more specifically with oven sales. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

P.S. With multi-unit experience, I’m sure your opinions and experiences have great merit and will be well respected. After all these months of silence I now look forward to seeing some good posts from you… no pressure. LOL.

I am more familiar with the rotating Roto-Flex oven…
I know some people use pans in them, but mostly it is designed for deck baking, I think…
it is a volume oven like Fish and Picard, I’d love to have one but do not have room in my trailer.
there is another rotating disk oven made by Hickory…something that has been at the conventions for the past 2 years

Fish is a good oven, Picard ovens are mostly in Canadian bakeries. I have not heard any thing derogatory about ether of them. In pizza applications they appear to be used predominantly by outfits doing pizzas with a top and bottom crust or calzones that need to be baked for a longer time for the heat to penetrate the crusts.

If you are not baking the above type pizzas I would think you would be better off with deck or conveyor ovens.

Actually this is a revolving oven the inner workings is much like a Ferris wheel. Little Caesars had this type of oven in many shops about 20 years ago but took them out in favor of conveyors.

Again this type of oven needs an oven tender who can look at a pizza and know if it is baked to perfection on the inside. If the oven tender is distracted and the wheel revolves through extra cycles you have an over baked pizza. If the oven tender looses track of when or where he put a pizza in and removes it too soon it will not be done in the inside but look perhaps ok on the out side.

George Mills