Flash Noodles......other decorations

At least that is what I call them. I am looking for the name of the noodles I have seen TV cooks use that you put in a deep fat fryer and they instantly puff up and need to be taken out…anyone know?

I am opening a Pizzeria in Taiwan and the Asian people differ a bit than Americans about their pizzas. They like them artistically presented along with tasting good… Back in the States we are more interested in the great quality (and sometimes appearance).

Does anyone have any ideas for decorations that don’t take away from the flavor of the pie. Of course when they order the sweet peppers and mushrooms and onions they can be creatively arranged, but I was thinking like a small ball of those noodles in the middle…etc.

any suggestions will be of great help. Thanks

Fresh basil always looks really nice. Sliced tomatoes look really good. Melted Buffalo Mozzarella looks great. Purple onions are very colorful. I think pineapple and cherries looks really good on a Hawaiian pie. Different colors of peppers look really nice. But what would I know, I just cram the food in my yankee pie hole, who cares what it looks like! LOL!