Flatware Washer

We opened our Pizzeria in July and never intended to have flatware, only plastics forks and knives. Well I guess in Ohio people just don’t eat pizza with their hands…??? We added flatware and have been washing via tripple sink. Does anybody know of an undercounter/tabletop flatware washer? Want to ensure theflatware is being washed and sanitized properly…



George Mills

I was thinking about posting something about dishwashers last night while I was using our new one. I don’t have dine-in so we only had a 3 compartment sink for the last 9 years. I recently decided to lease a under-counter dishwasher. I wasn’t sure if we would really save much on labor. We’ve been using it for a week now and I wish I would have installed one years ago. We have been closing with one less person. Saving me about 1.5 of labor a day. I think after a bit we can cut down another person on slower nights and have just one insider close and one driver.

Thanks George, looks perfect. I tried to order it and their site states they are currently not taking orders??? Any insight?

That is awesome! What brand did you go with? Did the lease include install or was that on your own dime?

I just bought this one here


They customized it to run our dough trays thru it. We should be able to wash about 100 trays per hour with it. We get about 30 per hour doing them manually. If all my math is correct it will trim 150 hours a week off our labor.

I would also recommend leasing one through a company…we have been happy with Auto-Chlor. When we first opened we bought a brand new Jackson Undercounter Unit but with the heavy use repairs were costly (we have very hard water) and the chemicals were very expensive. With Auto-Chlor they handle all repairs & chemicals and all you do is press a button. We pay approx $175/mo for up to 1,000 racks but that was about what we spent back in the day on chemicals alone with Ecolab (hate them!)

Curious what you guys pay…